Supplemental Draft Tyler Johnstone Go For It Esks

Tyler Johnstone has been made eligible for the CFL supplemental draft. The former Oregon starting at left tackle for 39 games, including all 13 in his senior season when he was named a first-team All-Pac 12 selection and named a second-team All-American.

Would the Esks bid and if so, would they give up a 3rd, 2nd or even a 1st rounder for a national left tackle?

Everybody wants a national left tackle with NCAA and some NFL experience, but the question is what are they willing to gamble? One of Montreal and B.C. will bid a 5th rounder or even a 4th rounder, but it most likely will take at least a 3rd rounder and potentially more to get Johnstone.

The risk is to select Johnstone only to see him find another NFL gig

Would the Esks venture a 3rd or even a 2nd round bid?

The Riders added LB Brandyn Bartlett in the supplemental draftlast year for a 5th rounder. The Bombers selected receiver Drew Wolitarsky for a 3rd rounder also in 2017. In 2015 the Bombers also selected Garrett Waggoner and gave up a 1st round pick to get him, then he retired two years later. However, none of these players were a starting NCAA trained left tackle.

I say Johnstone is worth the risk and warrants 2nd rounder and the Esks should go for it!

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