Supplemental Draft results


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have selected non-import receiver Kito Poblah in the 2011 Supplemental Draft. In order to do so, the Blue Bombers gave up their first round pick in 2012.
The Edmonton Eskimos have selected defensive tackle Ted Laurent (6-1, 303lbs) from the University of Mississippi in the CFL Supplemental Draft in exchange for the clubs’ second round pick in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft.

I'm happy with the Bombers getting Poblah. Everything I've seen and read about the guy has been very positive.

I'm not surprised the Esks were able to get Laurent with a 2nd rounder. His comments about wanting to see what happens with the NFL strike before signing in the CFL certainly had an affect on what teams were willing to give up.

It looks like Ellis and Inman were not chosen so they will become FAs.

BC took Ellis

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Hmm. We do need help along the line, but I don't like that apparently the NFL is an option for him. Hopefully ET can work out a contract, otherwise we gave up a pick for nothing.

…with the way the lock-out seems to be progressing down south, i think it would be safe to say Laurent will probably be playing in schmoeville this year…If he signs our current CFL contract he may be in edm. for a few years :wink:

Good deal for Winnipeg if they improve in the standings this year. If they finish at the bottom then it's about equal. Another winner is BC. They have two first round picks next year that each moved up a slot next season

Yeah, it really doesn't sound like either side has budged. Fingers crossed! :lol:

Was he drafted by any NFL team? As a walk on in the NFL, that would be a tough road. If he signs with
the esks anytime before the 2012 season begins it's a worth while move. Anyone else notice the stats for Ellis don't go past 2007? Has he been on vacation?

That could turn out that way papa, however if things don't work out down the road for Laurent in the NFL he will/could very well be an Eskie at some point in his career. Hopefully the CFL will be intriguing enough to Ted and his agent.

He wasn't drafted but his comments to Sportsnet have raised a red flag:

Laurent said regardless of the results of the supplemental draft, he will likely hold off on signing with a CFL team, which open rookie training camps next Thursday, because of his desire to try the NFL.

"If there's not any movement, I will go to the CFL," he said. "My plan right now is just working out and just waiting."

The guy went undrafted in the NFL and is shorter than they like for a tackle. He was a huge bargain with a second round pick.

He won't be going to the NFL.
He's kidding himself if he believes that the NFL teams once they eventually settles their shenanigans (who knows when), that he will be a priority to be signed. No issue.

Apparently Poblah is a pretty highly rated guy, so that mitigates the risks, should Winnipeg be slotted for a high draft pick.
I also like the fact that my Lions will have two picks in the top 7 in what's supposed to be a good draft.

Thanks MJ. There wasn't an article at the CFL website saying he'd been chosen so I assumed he hadn't been.

It's not often that I get to scoop you, Blue Blood, so I'm going to treasure this !

It will be interesting to see what happens with the NFL. Teams generally sign a slew of undrafted FAs, mostly as training camp bodies. But say lets say they come to an agreement late summer/early fall and they have a shortened training camp and preseason, teams may not bring in as many players. Then its guys like Laurent that fall by the wayside with no where to go. I can understand wanting that NFL shot, but with so much uncertainty it makes more sense, to me anyways, to come in and put up 2 good years and then you get a better shot in the NFL then.

It appears that Poblah has already signed a contract with the Bombers. He's listed on the roster and will be wearing #27. Between that and the announcement that Muamba has signed, it's been are pretty darn good day for us Bomber fans.

He was listed on the roster at both the Bombers site and at but now he's not. :expressionless:

Now the Bombers have to develop them.

Ted laurent has signed with the esks. ... ed-laurent. This is pretty cool considering we all kinda thought he would hold out barring NFL stuff. My understanding is that during the strike, no player can be signed or released. Two years plus an option. it is a good thing... except its Edmonton... im not much a fan of anyhting that gives my provinical rivals too much of an advantage.

On the Bombers front, both Joe Mack and Kito Poblah's agent have been quoted as saying an contract has been finalized and Poblah should be in Winnipeg by Saturday.

im glad to head that blue blood. i was wondering if just having the sup draft so close to the T.C. made things a little stressful on that front. i think maybe move the draft two weeks earlier, then the same with the sup. draft. just a though.