supose this...

What if we were to swing a trade with our nieghbours to the east... say we send over Jyles + maybe a draft pick? and they send us Terrence Edwards OR Armstrong OR Bryant... Now im not to worried as we had a strong receiver core to start with but with 3 of our best now out, 1 for good, we need something... and we don't need 5 QB's...

i would give just about anything to winnipeg for Armstrong again....he was amazing when he was here and he's amazing over there....and Jyles and a draft pick are hardly a lose

exactly my points and deny it or not Winterpeg definatly needs some fresh QB's

Would be a good trade IMO. Don't think the Peggers will go for it tho.

although if MD retires we don't ahve to pay his salary which opens the door for accuiring a big name reciever with a 6 figure salary

they will never let armstrong go it looks like Stegall might be forced to retire now, not a bad idea but doubt the Bombers would let Armstrong go that is there best reciever

This would never ever happen. Winnipeg will be okay with their QB's. And once they start getting their linemen back they will be winning.

As for the Riders receivers, I think now we will find out that while the receivers are excellent, the system provides them with the opportunity to excel. Watch for big games from Bowman and Washington. If they can hit Dressler on crosses, he may be explosive as well.............or they could suck and I could be completely wrong. I just like to be optimistic.

ya i doubt winterpeg would go for it i was thinking maybe Bryant but i think of all there receivers he has the most potential... but now when i look at it, assuming the healing goes without a hitch and all goes back to normal we have DJ Flick and Andy (2 of the better ones in the league) plus Dressler and Bowman who are both rookies and are showing amazing potential thus far... not to mention Corey Grant whom i love... plus our depth goes for miles...

Problem with Bowman is that he will probably on be here this year proving that he can stay clean for a season, then with his build he will be off to the NFL. Probably land as a 3rd 4th stringer or practice roster. I hope that he sticks around solely based on his potential but we do need a tall guy out on the corner to replace Matt D.

oh i suppose we only got Bowman for 1+1?


If he plays as well as I would like him to he will be gone, if he doesn't he should be gone. Either way I don't see him here for long.

There is no need to trade for anyone. The 'riders have resigned two import receivers cut earlier this year and NFL cuts will happen very soon ... Any trade will likely weaken the team because the only players the 'riders can offer as trade bait will be proven starters.

Plus, do we really think the general managers of the other teams are all saying to themselves "poor 'riders, they are all banged up... lets trade to them our best receivers so they can stay in first place and repeat as champions?" Not a chance... The 'rider injury situation is great news for the other 7 teams in the league, especially the 3 others in the west.

With Adarius Bowman, let us all hope he does not grow tired of the Dewdney Avenue bar strip as quickly as I did...

Agh lets hope he isn't partaking, clubing in Regina is a joke (it is most places, most of the time it ends up with someone wanting to fight me, I am a big guy so people always want to prove something for some reason) On the other hand the pub scene in Regina is actually pretty cool.

all you say is true but i dont want people who couldn’t make the cut at the start of the year, i want someone whose proven themselves… i dont know what anyone else thinks… so if we rule out a trade that means extra money for free agency OR extra money for raises? if its for free agency… any good WR’s expected on the market? and ya im interested in what we can get from south of the border soon here… Tillman is always good at bringing “un-utilized” talent in after cuts.

I am leaning towards your train of thought here also... :thup:

I know Bowman and I also know that he is very commited to Regina. HE LOVES THIS PLACE! He's got a social network already and is considering the purchase of a house. I think this guy will be with us for years to come.