Supertoes challenge...

Well I am posting to accept this here challenge :slight_smile:

The long and short of it, I don't hate the Eskimo's and I don't hate eskimo's fans. I don't hate any team or there fans. What I do hate though is people making generalizations about fan's as a whole.

What i do have something against though is obnoxious fans, in my frusteration I did make a bit of a generalization I will apologize for that. I am just tired of having to defend rider fan's at every single turn.

All teams have great fans, the CFL has great fans. There is no "canada's team", but there is "my team". the quicker people realize that all teams have awesome fans, the easier it will be for us to get along without those stupid discussions on who is best. who cares who is best as long as we support our own team.

once again I apologize to Edmonton fans for lashing out, but lets stop stupid discussions on who's fans are better

Have a good evening everyone.

Supertoe I have nothing against you.
I love it here in Edmonton as much as you do.
However reading your locked post.I think you got issues.
Let everyone say what they want.If you don't like it,then talk right back.
I don't agree with you locking it.
Have you ever thought of anger management courses!!!
Relax and enjoy the site.
This is from riders Public enemy #1.
Have fun supertoe.
At least you don't have to pu that,at the end of every post supertoe!!!

I'm glad he locked it. That thread was getting stupid and out of hand in a hurry. I even bought into the hype. Anger management has nothing to do with it - common sense prevailed.

Also glad he locked it. Good post subzero. I agree with basically everything you said.

i've been in a million of these discussions, and all i can say, there is no convincing either side they are wrong about the, i'll just stay out of this

........I'll weigh into the challenge, supertoe, having a share of Battle of Alberta scars to gain entrance to the fray.......

.......I hate the Eskimos.....they have never suffered through a bad season......they have never had a gong show in their front office......they have never been embarrassed about their on-field product over a span of years......jealousy breeds hatred and I am green with envy for their success year in and year out......

.....but I fiercely respect the Eskimos......they have made the playoffs every year since I was a single digit age......their organization has produced amazing players in all categories every year.....they have captured and then firmly held the hearts of a huge fan base.......IMO they have the best cheer squad......they can and will whip your team's a$$ any day of the week if given half a chance to do so.......

.......see kids, having a dislike of another team is not a bad thing, as long as it is paired with is possible to share mild-hatred and respect at the same time....if you have a XXL sized hate-on for a rival and can't respect them at the same time then you have an anger management problem and there is something deeper than a game going on in your poor brain.....there are many posters who have stated they hate the team I support or better yet, detest the City I call home, no concrete reason, they just hate them stamps and loathe Calgary....why? I ask, did the City foreclose on your grampa's farm? did the Calgary Coaching Staff collectively bust into your house and steal your Xbox? Did the team bus hit&run your camaro? No, of course not, but yet this hatred exists......I feel sad for those fans....

Any "hate" I feel for any team comes from one thing: I hate any team that beats my Ticats.

Long story short...I hate EVERY team!!!!

[quote="RedandWhite did the Calgary Coaching Staff collectively bust into your house and steal your Xbox?
Actually those bastards stole my atari. You know how hard those things are to find these days.

Supertoe, what I don't like about the Esks is they constantly rely on money, rather than adaptation and creativity to remain at the top of their game. And as legal as it is (since the cap is a joke), I still think it's the cheap way to achieve an objective.

You may tell me that other teams break the so-call cap too, and I'll agree. But my perception (and I could be wrong, but obviously my feelings are based on my own perception) is that no other team - not even the Argos - spend nearly as much as the Eskimos to retain star players so that their team never weakens.

That being said, I have a great respect for 98% of the Eskimos players. It's not their fault management goes overboard with the money weapon. Would I be offered the same job by many organisations, I would take the one with the best paycheck too.

Turd, your argument is in stark contrast with your "ticket prices" thread in which you state that the Als make as much money as the Esks because of ticket prices. So enlighten us all, who's to say the Als don't spend as much money as the Esks on talent? What are they paying "The Don". Half a mil? Point is, until these figures are made public, I can make the argument that the Esks aren't any further past the cap than ANY other team.


Success breeds contempt. The Eskies are the most consistent and successful team in the CFL, and therefore are hated by many.

Eski-Moses, I won't argue with you because you always disregard any argument, calling them fraud.

But here are just some thoughts:

  • When the Als moved to Molson-Percival, the stadium was crumbling. I don't know how many people know this, but there actually was a TREE in the stands. A mature tree. It had grown there in a section forever unused (the McGill Redmen don't sellout, far from it). There were no seats in the stands. You would sit on crackling concrete (and waterfalls would come down running in your ass-crack when it was raining). Plus, the bathrooms were quite prehistoric. We would pee in some kind of long bathtubs (I really don't know how to call those things otherwise). And there was no indoor training facility for players.

The stadium was in ruins.

The Als invested 16 millions $ in building the facility and getting the stadium in an acceptable shape. That's money that could not be spent on players. These are expenses the Eskimos did not have to take care of.

  • Another point - and I admit this one is pure hypothesis, because I have no way to know - the Als are privately owned. Not the Esks. Community owned teams can reinvest the profits made in the team (when they make profits, of course...). Private owners want to get a return on investment, so they won't reinvest everything. They put some in their pockets.

  • One more thing that makes me think the Als don't overspend on players like the Esks. The Als almost never hire any star player on free agency. They develop unknown players, and let them go when they want bigger paychecks. Edmonton hire a freakin' lot of star free agents, and the re-sign theirs. In Montreal, only Calvillo (400 000$) and Cahoon (200 000$) have big salaries. The whole offensive scheme is built around Calvillo's abilities, so we have to keep him (not to mention, we have no other good QB). And Cahoon is the crowd favourite and the biggest marketing asset (and, of course one of the most talented SB of the league).

By the way, in my post about the price of tickets, I did mentionned that the more people you get in the stands, the more money you make via the concession sales. So the 35 000 fans in Edmonton would leave more money in the Eskimos' pockets than the 20 000 Montrealers would in the Alouettes', even if they pay less for tickets in Edmonton.

One thing to add to T&T's post
There were no toilets in Molson stadium or ate least very few. The rented porta potties for every game.

As for Montreal's "salary cap" Year after year Montreal has let players go because they did not want to meet their outrageous salary demands and they were quickly snapped up by other teams. Would a team who was breaking the cap allow star players to leave?

I am not saying that they don't respect it, I am saying I believe they are far from the worst.

I don't hate the Eskimos organization.. you can't blame them for finding a way to win year after year.. I hate Eskimo's fans. You want a reason why? Don't listen to me, listen to one of your own:

-That's- why I hate Eskimo's fans. All they seem to be able to remember is that they've got the better all time record, and the best way they articulate that is by saying "stamps suck and always will!" They don't DESERVE a team as good as the Esks have been over the years.. what they deserve is a few years of F troup so they can learn just how lucky they are.

Oh btw, skmofan started a thread with this brilliant post in the Stampeders forum.. that's where I got it from.

Calgary4Life, it's really, really, really stupid to lump all Eskimo fans into the group with skmofan. He came to the forum with no other purpose than to trash everyone else. I like Eskimo fans, for the most part. There are some highly knowledgeable fans from that organization here, and I quite enjoy reading what they have to say.

One fan does not speak for everyone.

My opinion is that it it not hate the Eskies and their fans but it is jealousy. The reason 33 years in a row in the playoffs, more Grep Cup appearances then any other western team and a great organization. Success breeds hate! I congradulate the Eskimo Organization and their fans those are great accomplishments. No start sucking will your I will start to hate you.

Wow. Thank you all for your honesty and candor. While I cannot change what lamebrain fans (yes we have our share too) post on the Stamps site, I can simply say that I nor any folks up here that I associate with would post something like that and had I seen it sooner I most certainly would have called the fool out and verbally beat him silly.

Sub Zero, that was an excellent response and I was impressed to read it. For what it's worth. I totally repect your opinion. Thank you.

Saskargo, I do not have anger management issues despite the way my posts may read sometimes. Please remember that there is a difference between perception and reality. I respect your posts, but don't always agree with your opinion and also the way in which you choose to present it. I try not to take some of the Esk bashing to heart, but every now and then I feel like I should respond in strong way. I guess I'm just not as good at the smack as you are. The reason I locked out the thread is simply because it was getting silly and out of control and in my role as a moderater I felt it was time to end the nonsense. Censorship is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I am a little miffed that my post was edited as well by someone, but whatever. That's an argument for another day.

Third and Ten, I respect your opinions greatly but will agree to disagree somewhat with you here. Tony Tompkins, Larry Wruck, Ricky Ray(2002), Gizmo Williams, Tom Wilkinson, Brian Kelley, Dave Cutler, Larry Wruck, Dan Keply.....I could go on through the years, but I think you get my point also. While it is true that from time to time the Esks have opened the purse strings somewhat in order to continue to compete in the current ecomonic climate you cannot deny the fact that they have uncovered and developed many unkown players that have gone on to star in the league without breaking the bank.

My point is that our success has not come solely from having deep pockets. As far as other teams breaking the cap, well that may be true but I think you would agree that in a league like this if you do not have strong scouting and are not able to uncover hidden talent to go along with your high priced help, especially Canadian players, you will soon find yourself on the losing end of a lot of games,

RedandWhite, I think you hit the nail on the head when you spoke of being able to respect your rival for their abilities at the same time as disliking them because of those abilities. That was exactly what I was trying to get at, and something that I just don't see a lot of on here for any team from any fans. There is a little, but not a lot.

To all those who reponded, thanks again. I wish all your teams the best of luck and no injuries down the stretch. One more thing, If my Eskimos continue to put together complete games like we did against the Lions you guys better watch out cause they will be a force to reckoned with!


Thanks Supertoe.
No hard feelings.
Like I said before I have nothing against you.
Go Riders Go!!!
I have something aginst this!!!3 more days!!!

Maybe the Riders should drop the "Canada's team" slogan. It's offensive to fans of all the other teams.

If you somehow still beleive that the Riders do not call themselves "Canada's team" then take a look at the RIders site as well as their share certificates.

Turd, Turd, Turd...I throw you a bone and you look at it, ya sniff it, but cha just won't bite.

No time so Coles notes...

1997--New York billionaire Bobby Wettenhall drops a paltry $16 mil into Coors Park in order to stop the rain from pouring down Turd's for you Turd, that was seven years ago...can't make the "poor" excuse anymore.

Private owners in the CFL aren't in it to make a buck. I can guarantee you that.

EE dropped TV because they didn't want to pay that kind of salary for a player with diminished skills...who picked him up again? Add Calvillo's sallary...add Cahoon's salary...and you suspiciously ignored my reference to the Don's salary at what, 500k? Hey if Wetty wants to sink his dough into the coach that's that's his perogative but not the EE's fault. They prefer to invest in player talent.

And lastly, it was you who posted the original thread stating that the Alberta teams have great attendance due to the ticket prices. And it was you who stated thatb the Als generated as much revenue because the season's tix were three times as you reiterate that we make significantly more on cencessions...that's some back-stroke...and that's a lot of chien-chauds if the discrepency lies in concession sales.

So mon ami, I haven't called you a fraud(don't think I've ever)..I'm simply pointing out some inconsistencies between what you've posted here and your original post.

-"La 50 s'il vous plait!"-