Any one as superstitous as I am.. I was watching the game on HD at my boyfriends place..close to the beginning of the 3rd quarter I said. The Riders always lose when I watch the game here on HD.. so I changed the channel to the regular one.. And they turned it around.. Coincidence? lol... My boyfriend thinks Im nuts.. I wouldnt let him put it back on HD.


You silly :o

k... guess its just me then... lol...

yes, it is.

But still, call your cable company and cancel HD, just in case.
(This poster still wears his Jurasin jersey during every game)

I dont have HD... my boyfriend does.. so we are safe.. lol

...I'm confused, how did you find time to change the channels during the sandwich making?... :twisted: :twisted:

no no… your mistaken red… thats the mans job… I make the sandwiches during hockey and he does it during football…

Wow, if THOSE are the only requirements, then I want to meet you! :smiley: :smiley:

MY wife made me say a bunch of stuff about "love" and "honouring" and "cherishing" or some such crap. She wore a fancy dress and everything! Good food, too. Apparently, she also has a problem with the word "obey". :roll:

I am pretty superstitious. I have several thing I do not stray from during games. I know it makes no difference...but mehh