Supersticious? What will YOU do to overturn the curse?

I know a lot of sports fans are supersticious. I usually am not, but am willing to try anything to influence the football gods. What little things will you change to help?

  • Today, I will leave my red Anwar Stewart jersey in the locker and go with the blue Robert Edwards one.

  • I have also change my beer brand. I was usually drinking DAB, an German beer, but will go today with a local microbrewry product: la Blanche de Chambly.

  • No ribs, no wings today. Nachos are on the menu.

Lets hope these little things help.

Keep eating Nachos! :thup:

2 weeks and we'll see if the "Eastern Final curse" will still apply !

Hello Third And Ten, I just sat on the edge of my seat and wished and wished, and shouted positive things at the TV for Montreal (no beer in hand - just a small glass of pure rot gut - Polar Ice vodka).

Something worked! They won!!!

And didn't they all look so much better with red pants and socks today - much less American than decked out in far too much red white and blue. Hey... nothing at all wrong with being American, but let's remember we are watching the CFL here. I like the more Canadian look better - slightly more monochromatic is very nice... and more slimming too. It makes them all look taller on TV.

I absolutely LOVED that delicious interception at the end of the game. BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved it. Darlin Husband enjoyed the game too (but could care less about the outfits).

uh! what curse is that?
Mtl has won 4 of the last 5 times they played!

As expected the cream rises and Toronto has to wait to see where they go next week. I'm begging all you out there; don't let Pinball and his boobs know that Rickie Williams is LETHAL in the red zone. Let's just let them try to fling that fade to Bruce over and over. I mean it works once out of every twenty attempts! Congrats Als, and get ready to face the Big Blue in what is sure to be a classic!!

The curse where last 2 times the home team didn't went to Grey Cup...

2004 - T.O. vs Mtl @ Big O...T.O. won
2005 - MTL vs T.O. @ Sky"Dump"...MTL won !

I call that a curse !

Oh I though you ment Montreals curse.

2 games is not a curse, yet!

Both DAB and Blanche are great choices.

Als lost the 2003 Grey Cup. Lost the 2004 eastern fiinal. won the eastern semi-final and final before losing Grey Cup in 2005.
That means they have only won two of their last five playoff games.
SNAP! right in the ass!