Superman Forum

I've switched over to the Superman forum.

Much better and more intelligent comments from everyone.

See ya.

Please forget to write!!!!!

Is Soonerfan at all interested in Superman?

Prob not because Superman is Canadian

but hes ignorant, he might not know that.

God, Fred is an moron, and that's alot coing from me.

Will says he can't sing a single note.

I wonder if, now that he's on the Superman forum, he's posting questions like "Should the CFL abolish the rouge?" or "What do you think of Kanga's 'Action Point'?" Confuse the hell out of them like he did to us.

nope. the canadian you are talking about moved to ohio when he was 10. he would draw the comics while his partner, an american, would write the scripts. all of this happened in america.

so you say....

He did move to the States, but who cares? He was still born in Canada and is considered a Canadian.....

Its still important to you isn't it oki

by any chance did a building drop on your head during a tornado or something you are of the most stupidist human being I ever seen post on any forum. I am assuming you are human! You could be bobo the chimp! Naw the chimp is to smart! Thats hope you get some help Oki boy!

Wow this is a first on this forum...until Sooner came along we were aruging about, politics, you name it, with little consensus. but we all agree on one thing: Sooner sucks. hilarious. Seriously, when was the last time the libs: (Me, Ro, jm02) and the Cons: (Red05, Peter) all agreed together one one issue? NEVER! But we can all come together and agree Sooner is an idiot. What a statement!

lol…nothing like a village idiot to bring us all together!!

Sooner for Prime Minister he did what Paul and Jean could not do bring Libs and Conservatives together ha ha ha ha

…redwhite2005, you take that back right this minute…NO WAY is he even to be connected with Canadian parliament, do I make myself clear??? :lol:

do you think Oklahoma even wants him?

Ya I guess bobo the chimp would be a better choice! No ro he is not PM right now!

...i had a dog named' sooner'....he'd sooner do his business indoors than go outside...but we solved the problem and sooner became later....seeya... :arrow:

at least my subject about the AP had something to do with FOOTBALL!!!

sry, just had to make that point. Bday boy shutting up now.