This was a great victory. Als defence and ofence were great! I won't recap the game- just look at a few players. I liked Andrew Hawkins speed he was not out of place returning back kicks and has good hands.In my last post I noted that the coaches have tried to get Larry Taylor into the backfield but the results were poor as evidenced by last week's game in which he could not catch a ball thrown into his hands with no defenders in sight. I believe Hawkins could be a threat to Taylor. Hawkins caught a TD pass- he has speed , good hands and, looks OK running back kicks,

AC is still a great QB. It was noticable than when AC had the time to take a full motion, his passes were right on the money and, the O line was giving AC the time to use his full windop.{his windop looked like a replica of Roger Clemmons! ] I believe AC threw for 4 TD's and showed he retains the skill to go long.

Bratton is beginning to show that he belpngs in the offensive backfield. And Darrhan Diedrick had a few rambles. I thought Colbourne was missing in the later stage of the game, A sixth round choice, Brodeur-Jourdan replaced Lambert and, I do not feel certain that Paul Lambert will be returned to his old part in the offensive line. I n the third Quarter, i was wishing Colbourne could grind down the defensive opponents and be used to grind down the oppents defenders. Whitaker did look replacing Colbourne. The entire offence and defenence outplayed Calgary's lineman. It was noted that The Als jk

Good job for Emery and the secondaries for keeping Reynolds and the running game in general from moving the ball. Really, the only thing they should watch after this game is discipline, it seems like we drew a lot of flags, especially in the 1st half. Several illegal blocks on kick/punt returns, these are the kind of things that eventually could come back and bite us in the arse.