Superbowl Crown Royal Commercial /Canadian football

Maybe the best commercial of the night

and it was

Great to see the dig at Canadian football roots being the first at the 45 second mark ....


Good ad, wrong spot imo.

Can't believe they would use the Super Bowl to tell Americans about some insignificant trivia and to belittle their country as second rate.

Would have been a good ad for a Canadian audience.

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Something the CFL should be doing but probably out of their price range.

Not sure how much the CFL charge for a 30 sec spot.

XFL has breweries and automobile manufacturers. CFL has Baffin Boots and Dr Oetker.

Someday this inferiority complex is going be the end of us.


So the Canadian audience did not see this ad in the third quarter ?

Watched the game

but was not paying attention to the ads .

Was it a TSN ad? I was watching the U.S. telecast.

The US audience had it in the third quarter... was it shown here ?


Too bad .