superbowl champ vs GreyCup champ???

on PTS, right now, they are disscussing some meeting that recently occured, where the NFL commish ( tagliabue ) said he would like to grow football globally to where ONE DAY ( gotta believe distant future ) the NFL europe champs would compete against Grey Cup champs, and Grey Cup champs against SuperBowl champs.

he wants the leagues to all be on the same level one day.

and the NFL has asked the argos /CFL if there is anything they can do to help with the '07 Grey Cup.

It's encouraging to see the NFL trying to help with the growth of some of the smaller leagues.

but this has to show the NFL lovers, they have NO desire to expand here.

The idea of GC champs playing then-WLAF champs was proposed as part of the NFL-CFL alliance announced in 97 but quickly sheleved.

How do you have the respective champs from NFL/NFL EUROPE playing GC champs when they play different games, rules etc? One half, Canadian rules, second American --- or vice versa?

When do you play game? Can't be just after GC, has to be after SB in late January? Then where?

CFL camps start in May when NFL Europe still going.

Logistics don't seem to jell here, do they?

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very good points.

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Its an idiotic idea.... its a logicistal nightmare to do the games and the GC champs would have to keep in game shape to somehow to play the SB champs, and it would have to be at least a 2 game with NFL rules and the other with CFL rules, and who would want to play that type of game in Winnipeg,Regina or Edmonton in the middle of January?? It would have to be played in the domes, in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

As much as I would like to see CFL Vs. NFL match ups, and other Canadian Vs. American matchs. I don't know how you would do them.

and it's go to see the NFL help out, but I hope they don;t get too invoted in the CFL, all we need this their $$$$money$$$$! You have to leave the CFL to get to the NFL level on it's own, and by canadian hands, not american ones.

if they want to help with the 2007 GC, have the american TV markets (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX) show it! and give us some money to spent on it.

I agree its quite a logistical nightmare but I think the point htat the NFL doesnt want to interfere with the CFL is the best hting we can take away from this.

Oh and Sobrien if you think its bad here join the sportsnet fan forums there words like black, colour, mother, and I think still jody get turned into a bunch of stars

I could see a flag football game for charity...

the nfl will never allow this game to happen.

cause they dont want to be embarrassed?

sure, that's part of it. why take the risk? plus the game could only realistically be played in july-august during the nfl pre-season. i doubt an nfl team will want to play an all out game using all of their starters during the pre-season. and there is the small matter of the vastly different rules. if the game was ever to be played then i am sure nfl rules would be used. why woul;d a cfdl team in mid season want to play a game using totally different rules?

It would have to be a two-game series, one with NFL rules and another with CFL rules. It could be interesting, but it cant happen because the CFL season is about a 3rd to halfway through once the NFL training camps start, and I agree,a CFL team wouldnt want to play exhibition games like this during the middle of their season.

After giving this a little thought (although I'm pretty sure a game like this will never be played) Here is a "tounge in cheek" idea for this matchup.

I'm thinking of a variation of rules from both leagues to design a truly unique game for this once in a lifetime event. How does this sound?

I will list the rules per each league that I think should be used. Feel free to offer opinions on this one :wink:

CFL: 3 downs
nfl: Smaller field
CFL: 20 sec. clock
nfl: 2 min warning
CFL: No yards rule
nfl: 11 men

Please add any of your own and lets make this fun and creative, we could be onto something.

Oh yeah!!! location: Neutral.....say.......Sweden?? :o

I'd say best bet would be two games;
Canadian Rules, Canadian Soil and,
American Rules, American Soil.

The Canadian game should be held in either BC or Edmonton. The two largest CFL stadiums. With extra seating I dont know who would hold more. Gives a chance for a high attendence. It would look better for our game.

Unfortunatly, I doubt this will ever happen.

I'm glad to hear the NFL is interested in helping us out with the Grey Cup in '07. Is this only because it's in Toronto that year? Hopefully not.
It would be neat to see the two teams play, and I think a two-game series would be the best option ... but everyone's right, it's a logistical nightmare. Ain't gonna happen.
As for the embarrassment factor ... last time a CFL team played an American team (though I believe it was an AFL team they played, essentially the same as NFL I think), the CFL team (Hamilton I think) won. Interesting :wink: