SuperBowl 2018 Patriots vs Eagles Thread

My feeling that they should quit playing any national anthem at sporting events... I go to watch a game, not show my patriotism... if they want to play it at international events after a team wins, no problem with that...especially when the pomp & circumstance is paid to leagues...

spoken like a true Canadian ehh :slight_smile:

It just my opinion... feel free to refute it, but seriously... if you want to show your patriotism, go help out a veteran, or join your local Legion or ANAVETS... wear a poppy(at ANY time of the year)... I will respect the flag and anthem, but this controversy has gone far enough, again its greed fueling the patriotism, even though this link is from 2015, it shows what I am referring to...

I am undecided. I wish Canadians in general were as Patriotic as they are in general in USA. However, I don't think it has to include anthem singing at an average sports event. Superbowl and Grey Cup and Olympics and suchmake sense to me.

Yeah, national anthems at sporting events, pro ones at least, I don't care about if the leagues end up dropping it. Don't think this will happen though, it's important both in the US and Canada for pro sports marketing to use the anthem as a marketing tool for patriotism and that. Along with the the flag. I think it helps sell and creates some sort of excitement that gets people's nationalistic blood flowing.

I don't mind the anthems - just as long as they are sung at a decent speed - to the tune of the anthem and not some gerrymandered butchering of the tune that drags the anthem out to twice its normal length as some celebrities tend to do.

And when an anthem is done right - at big games - something like this - no doubt it 'gets the blood flowing' (Well it got mine flowing and gave me goose bumps too.)

And note - just 82 seconds long.

Agree what they are allowed to do for the Grey Cup just drives me nuts .

The MLS Cup singer was spot on . The singing of our anthem by spectators is always better if it's done from the heart and not organized like a sing song at nursery school .

I think the anthem means an awful lot to those who serve in our military to risk their lives while protecting us and what we so readily take for granted: Freedom.

As such, hearing people treat the anthem at large sporting gatherings like it's a question of 'would you like fries with that?' - makes me realize we truly don't give a **** about anything except ourselves at that very moment. There seemingly is no 'big picture' in the minds and hearts of many. Sad, but true. On a personal level - Canadian soldiers liberated my parents and their families in Europe when they were overrun by the Nazis and ruthlessly occupied for 4yrs in WW2. So yeah, I guess you could say I kinda dig the anthem being sung today, because I don’t ever want to forget what our soldiers do when they’re not safe at home. Like we are. When we are enjoying the freedom of watching a live sporting event.

I say keep the anthem - and make it loud. Really loud.

Again... you can show your appreciation for those who serve in other ways. How many veterans are homeless?(In Canada & the US). It seems many have forgotten them, and that is the real travesty. If you a really that patriotic, then go help someone who has served, and down on their luck... their military and government of each country seem to be indifferent on helping those people. Playing the national anthem at a sporting event doesn't help them one iota.

If you are comfortable standing up and saying that in a room full of veterans or at any Remembrance Day event - I could THEN and only then respect your stance. We all know you would never have the courage to tell any of our military or our veterans that playing the national anthem at Rider games sucks for you, so your logic and position is weak, unrealistic, and not supported by your actions. In other words, it’s an opinion of which you will do nothing about - except complain on the internet. Anonymously.

I would encourage you to write a letter, go to the media, approach the team etc - if you really believe in this and want things to change. That effort - would gain you respect.

In regards to standing, singing along or wearing or not wearing a cap for an anthem etc - it doesn’t bother me if fans participate or not. They could sit for all I care. No one should be forced to stand or sing or whatever. What I believe is very important tho - is that the organizers of these large public gatherings are modelling the respect and recognition for our country that our flag, our military, our veterans and all us citizens reside under. All by playing the anthem. It is a reminder of what unites us. Our freedoms that we enjoy today didn’t just fall out of the freedom tree. Blood was shed to have these freedoms and to protect what we have ongoing.

Have you spoken to any military members about your concerns? I'd be interested to hear their perspective when you tell them you don't like hearing the anthem at Rider games, for example. Or any other sporting event. Maybe we will learn something. It's always easy to rail against something in an anonymous internet forum. For any of us. Have you taken any steps to express your freedom of speech to the actual decision makers who play these anthems at these large gatherings for sports?

I just don't know where you get the idea that I don't like hearing the anthem at games... I just said that maybe the practice should be discontinued to end the controversy of players kneeling and not giving 45 a chance to rile up his base... its nothing more than that... you sound like an old adversary I had here, who fails to read & comprehend.

OK, who has everyone got to win this game? I say the Eagles win it by 3... the big if being if Foles has a good game like he did vs. the Vikings.

Patriots by 14

Quote from: sambo42 on Jan 24 2018, 03:38 PM

My feeling that they should quit playing any national anthem at sporting events... I go to watch a game, not show my patriotism... if they want to play it at international events [b]after[/b] a team wins, no problem with that...especially when the pomp & circumstance is paid to leagues...
Got the idea from you. You posted it. Or this wasn’t you?

I just said they should do away with the anthem... where does it say I don't like it? I show my patriotism in other ways... you are reading too much into what I posted... but if you like putting words into other people mouths, keep doing it... it will come back to bite you eventually.

Sir - I quoted you. Your words don’t make it seem that you like it.

You said ‘they should quit playing any national anthem at sporting events... I go to watch a game, not show my patriotism......’

It still doesn't say that I don't like it... just a statement that this "tradition" should be discontinued... again, you are misreading what I said, I also said that I respected the anthem & the flag, but you seem to have missed that...

I did say this:

[b]I will respect the flag and anthem [/b]
I should have modified that to take out the word will... my apologies for that...

Ok, I get your point. Just not where people gather at sporting events.
Where then?

Also - have you ever asked a military person how they feel about it?