SuperBowl 2018 Patriots vs Eagles Thread

Obviously the Pats are favoured but it’s still football and strange things can happen.

Go Eagles!

ABNE… Anybody But New England!!

Which team has the most CFL connections?

Perhaps that's the team to cheer for

Have to find a dog mask :wink:

I have been a long time eagles fan and I like to see a first time SB winner.

Personally, and although I have no dog in this race, I want the Patriots to win so that we can witness history, excellence, focus, records earned/broken, team work, athleticism, and strategies that are very rare these days in sports.

It raises the bar. Which elevates the sport. Which increases expectations.

Resulting in better programs and a better overall football product for us the fans.

With you FootbalYouBet. Fly Eagles Fly.

I bet my bottom dollar Trump is hoping for a Pats win. One reason why a lot of people will be cheering for the Eagles. 8)

It's a win-win situation. The Eagles win their first SB, or the Pats win their sixth to tie the Steelers and I can rub it in to the obnoxious Pittsburgh fans that I work with that the Patriots have won their six titles in 16 years while the Steelers needed 34 and, therefore, New England is the greatest team in the Super Bowl era.

works for me.

Steelers, Cowboys, and Giants are my 3 most disliked teams.

Anything that takes any glory away fromany of them cant be all bad.

Half the country, anyway

Watch Trump raise his hand in victory if the Pats win. That should peeve off a few people. :-*

I’d be very surprised if Trump doesn’t do something controversial or inflammatory to stir the pot that day and make it about him not the game.

Expensive ticket. On World News Tonight on ABC this evening they said the cheapest ticket they could find online was $4500 per ticket. Yikes!

I don't believe he will care one way or the other... even his "buddies" Kraft & Brady distanced themselves from him after the S.O.B. comments. If anything he will make more asinine statements to rile up his base... but this time hardly anyone will care.

We are living in Football heaven for people when we talk about witnessing history .

Before the last few wins by the Pats I still believed the Great Packer teams of the 60's were the greatest which I missed and can only see on old film .I thought they were the greatest ever and the name of the trophy given out the Lombardi trophy will always bare the name of the greatest in football excellence .

Not even a Pats fan but watching this team reminds of great team dynasty's that we talk about in folklore like the Montreal Canadians , New York Islanders , Edmonton Eskimos , Edmonton Oilers , Boston Celtics , Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees .

Whether they end up winning or not it's another one of those moments of witnessing greatness and consistency of excellence that pokes it head up once in awhile . Years from now they will point their fingers at the Pats and say they were the greatest ever .

Does anyone know if Trump is attending the SuperBowl in Minneapolis?

If he is going - hopefully he's learned the words to the anthem which he clearly struggled with at the college championship game. lol

Even though the game is indoors they've got to be hoping they don't have a repeat of the blizzard weather in Minneapolis that weekend - like they suffered through yesterday with all kinds of road closures and flight cancellations. I'd be pissed if I paid $4500 for a ticket to the game and then couldn't get there.

Anyone who thinks Kraft and Trump have had a "falling out" are living in lala land. Just because Kraft says publically he is disppointed with Trump's comments and thinks this means they aren't two peas in a pod buddies, well I'd say time to wake up and smell the roses people. :wink:

Pat, do you think Kraft knows the words to the anthem? I have my doubts. :-*