Superb Defence!

Kudos to Greg Marshall and his boys for keeping the league's most powerful offense's QB to 10 of 25 for 114 yards.


This was the most effective d-line play we've had all season, IMHO. Interior line pressure was great and burris was getting flushed out of the pocket early and often!

Scheme-wise, Copeland was effectively bottled up most of the night. Although Reynolds got off to a fast start running the ball, we had good tackling when it counted and were able to make key stops. Even though the offense sputtered during the game (especially in the first half), the D was helping to maintain field position -- and Setta and co. did well on the special teams to contain their returns.

It was a testament to Greg Marshall's impact in allowing his guys to make plays and to bring pressure throughout the game against the opposing QB. Great job!!

Oski Wee Wee,


The defense kept us in it in the early going when the offense was sputtering. I was proud of them for holding strong. They didn't break all game long. They allowed one touchdown but with that kind of field position, any random group of people from this forum should've been able to score. They have this uncanny ability to shut it down when they have to. Great work from the D!

Congrats to the TiCats from an EE fan. The defense did an outstanding job of shutting down Burris and company. :smiley:

No doubt about it, our defence won that game for us. Brilliant game. Defensive line played great, secondary shut down the pass and the pressure on Burris made all the difference in the world. Defences win games and ours sure did tonight.

Great defense are they pumped. They are the best MLB in the CFL. You hear we do not get enough QB sacks but look at the pressure Burris had all night, Greg Marshall is an outstanding DC.

Nothing new ( our defense is still great ) when rested ......... Our defense has been good all year when rested ..lets rest them up

See what happens when ya keep a fresh crew of Defensive animals ..

And hats of to arland for again finding that hole in a defense at such crucial times ...

Way to go cats

le temps pour prendre 2 point de Montréal aussi...
Tigercats mange des matières premières d'em

Translation = time to take 2 point's from Montreal too ...
Tigercats eat em raw