Super Sonic Ranek

A little lame, if you ask me.

But still waaaaay better than the previous name.

who friggin cares..

i think ranek has more things on his mind right now, than a dumb nickname, i think he wants 9 wins and a playoff berth.

actually,should call him…“waste of a pick”

He was a free agent signing, not a "pick".

He is also one of the best RB's in the league, when used properly. We haven't seen this yet.

Ranek is a very good running back, he just doens't have the o-line to support him!

I totally agree with me. We are the joke of the league, so we have a contest to re-nickname a running back that has a total of 300 yards for entire year, of that half of the total came from 1 game. This contest is as big joke as our team.

this is sad, the team cant even score an offensive TD @ home, and this team is wasting time and money on a nickname contest. Its so bad that I dont even feel like calling anybody out.

He will always be LITTLE BALL OF HATE.

#1 WHO CARES we have better things 2 worry about

#2 instead of SUPERSONIC how about SuperDud saying he's done nothing all year?!

Any1 afree with my nickname better or no

No O-Line, Ranek can't do a thing b/c he can't break trough the opposisition D-Line.
Also the QB, no matter who it is, is running for his life.

Danny Mac was at the game, must have been laughing his @$$ off.