Super Saturday Triple header Thread

Inexplicably Andrew Harris still in the game after his role in a brouhaha.

Bombers look like the better team again, with a terrible kicker.

Suitor calling this game makes it basically a Riders broadcast.

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Suitor sure is “low key” this afternoon, isn’t he?

And yeah, no way Harris should still be in this game.

I hope you're kidding. He's practically wearing a watermelon on his head.

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CFL officiating : Ticky tack down to the last rule book comma or miss the grossly obvious. Depending on the game

Convert alert

Riderfans transitioning from class of the league to the "even the refs dont like us" gritty underdog role.

Looks like we are not the only team with a bad kicker - both kickers are struggling in this game.

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It's the Calgary games that matter.

We really need a sarcasm emoji. The quotation marks were the tell.


Cheering for Stamps to lose.

Mike Jones dropped a pass.

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Never seen Mitchell throw so inaccurately. No way he's ready to play

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Didn't you watch his first 2 games of the season?

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Trevor Harris needs to make use of his chemistry with Ellingson next time he gets the ball back

Nope. First time I've seen him play this year

Then you would have seen him throw that inaccurately.

You must be a laff riot at parties

Oh come on. Our terrible kicker as it turns out is on a roll as a convert specialist. TWO IN A ROW and counting as of this game.

Andrew Harris stayed in the game because... I'm guessing, maybe... he DIDN'T throw a punch. Mind you I thought that tearing a player's helmet off was grounds to get tossed but I've been wrong about a lot of things this year. There's probably a consequence coming next week for his actions. There has to be.

Honestly I'm as mystified as you guys. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

CAL records 7 sacks against EDM. We should be fine next week.


Already up by 9 in the final 30 seconds, CAL runs up the score with a long TD pass to increase margin to 16. Lost by 12 in their only other game against EDM last week. Ensures CAL wins the point differential.

TSN acts like it’s a bit of a mystery why they would bother to score that TD. Speculates that it may have had something to do with the season point total.

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