3 games this saturday back-2-back-2-back....

this sucks, cuz im going to the argo vs stamps im gonna miss the 2nd half of the ticats vs lions and im missing the first half of the eskies vs riders.

but even if i could watch all 3, i think 3 games in a row ( about 9 hours ) of non-stop football might be alittle too much, even for me.

im sure my interest would drop after the first game, and even more after the second game.

anyone elses thoughts?

I'm already making the chicken wings in anticipation.....I can't wait!

I do like them spread out more on different days so I can watch as much live as possible but what can you do.

I'm praying for rain Drummer, I'm praying for rain. Mrs Sportsmen will have a hundred jobs for me this weekend. I need a down pour to watch all 3 games! :wink:

Sporty, you can come eat chicken wings with me and Mr. jm02…the more the merrier, and I have no chores for you to do!!

Hmm, thanks jm02, let me slip this buy Mrs Sportsmen,

"Oh Honey, I have to slip out to the Kamloops airport for about 16 hours" :lol:

Maybe I'll head down to the Kamloops First Nations and ask for a rain dance!

well, look on the the positive side, those calling for an NFL like format with the CFL (every game on Sunday, and one game on monday) will get their chace to see how it works out.

CHICKEN! GOOD!!! :> :rockin:

**offer not open to non-residents.....

oh heck, I’ll just take them! I always say that if you feel like a rude pick in an enemies house, you should act like one.

like the time I went into a Victoria’s Secreat store, I tock some ladurey off the sheaf and went up to the conter and said to the lady there “where are your dressing rooms at?” j/k :lol:

I agree with Earl
1 game a day from Thursday to Sunday

Meaning you're not invited.....

.....and why am I not even remotely surprised at the last comment.....???

And I third Earl's a day would be better, but I'll take a day of football this Saturday over no football at all.....

I second that, and hopfully, so will all those who want the sch to be one or two days will say the same after this week.

[quote=“jm02”]Meaning you’re not invited…[quote]

you know there is laws agaist that, saying that your party is only open to residents of Canada, and no where else, I believe that’s a vioasion of the no discrmination act if I’m not mistaken.

Im surprised you could even read it

I say this is the worst Saturday to be out to the in-laws'... I will miss the whole super Saturday.

Some of you probably think "Well, why don't you watch a game with them while you're there?" The answer is simple: They have absolutely no interest for the CFL; they're from Ottawa !

oohhhh, bugger!

I'll be in heaven! I'll definately have some friends over for one of the games!!!

Why does that not surprise me!

I also prefer four games spread out over three-four days. But, this will be interesting and in going to the Argo game it will mean missing some TV games.
Thats why we all keep saying we need at least 10 teams, so that we can have FIVE games per week. Can you imagine 12 teams = 6 games.

Argotom make sure you wear your red and white after all you want to be westernized do you not!

It's not like no one from Ottawa likes the CFL ... too bad that your inlaws don't. Any chance of converting them? Hopefully they don't like the NFL, either ...