Super bowl

Does anyone know of any ex CFL'ers playing?

Not sure. Thought I heard a rumor that Edleman had an opportunity to play QB in the CFL earlier in his career.

Yeah that is true. Edelman was a QB at Kent State. BC offered him a shot at QB and he was literally on his way up when NE called about a receiver tryout. And as they say the rest is history...
The GM for Atlanta Tom Dimitroff played CIS for Guelph

I cant think of any CFLers in the game though

Apparently he was offered a 3 year contract by the Lions to play QB in 2009 and was considering signing it put then he got selected by the Pats in the 7th round of the draft and as the saying goes " the rest is history"

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Edelman in his college days throwing passes for Kent State

The GM of the Falcons Thomas Dimitroff went to Guelph University and was Canadian scouting coordinator along with other positions for the Riders.
For this fact alone I am going Falcons!!! :rockin: