Super Bowl XLVII

I decided to make a SB thread to cover the next 2 weeks. Feel free to post your picks for the big game as well as anything else related to the 47th Super Bowl!

San Fran and Baltimore - 11-4-1 and 10-6

Brother vs Brother - Imagine how proud their parents must be. Wow.

Ray Lewis could not have asked for a better retirement party.

My favorite player, ED REED, is finally in the Super Bowl! It's all about the U!
- for this reason I am cheering for the Ravens!

This is going to come off as very against New England, but oh well...

Interest statistic about the 2012 New England Patriots:

They only beat 4 teams with winning records all season, and this includes their playoff victory. That is ridiculous and very telling.

Also after going 9-0 I believe it was in his 1st 9 playoff starts, if I am not mistaken, Tom Brady is 7-7 since. All of a sudden he does not seem quite as "great".

Zero Super Bowl victories since Belicheck and the Patriots got busted for cheating with Spygate a few years ago.

Also did you guys happen to see Shannon Sharpe talking about how Belicheck didn't talk to the CBS after the game? Like he just left the field. Shannon Sharpe was not impressed and even though the president off CBS was sitting with Pats owner Robert Kraft he chose to speak his mind. I wonder if we will see Sharpe on CBS' Sunday football coverage next year...

Finally, whew, just before half-time Tom Brady was scrambling and decided to slide, however it looked like he was attempting to kick Ed Reed. I hope he wasn't trying to but it looked pretty deliberate. I will try to find a replay and post it. I couldn't help but wonder what the media and the NFL would be saying if it was a different QB who had slid in the manner he did.

Here is Shannon Sharpe's comments about losing with dignity.

[url=] ... -interview[/url]

My favorite part is all of the other CBS guys not nodding their heads or saying anything because they know that Mr CBS President was sitting in Robert Kraft's box lol.

Also check Bill Cowher's tin of Skoal sittin on the table hahahahahaha

Here is one of the few clips I could find on youtube of Brady's slide.

Have you ever seen a QB, esp one with the experience Brady has, slide like this?

Of course not.
[url=] ... k-ed-reed/[/url]

Ed Reed's teammate is not impressed with Tom Brady...

Last but not least (for now), did you guys see Ray Lewis immediately after the game where he was praying on the ground or whatever he was doing? There was literally like 30+ cameras and mics surrounding him, and CBS' live camera had a great angle of his rear end. I couldn't stop laughing because all I could was think was, "Leave the man alone to do what he is doing."

Like give me a break haha. Ray Lewis being emotional and spiritual while kneeling on the ground is such a big deal that CBS has to give us an ass shot? Come on man! Nobody wants to see that!

Good thread as should be fun for two weeks!

Here's another amazing stat I saw on the highlights yesterday to go with the following observations.

And yes I picked the Ravens and wanted the Patriots to lose.

I don't agree that New England is any less dangerous a team than they were historically despite deficiencies on defence, for we've seen three teams without even good defenses win championships in just the past few years too (Colts 2006, Saints 2009, and Packers 2010) let alone come very close (Cardinals 2008).

The Ravens were just plainly, unlike last year, also that much better on offence this year as their defence stepped up in these playoffs just enough.

What is telling is that at 35, a QB like Tom Brady really does not know just how much time is left on his clock. He sure did not look shabby in any way to me last evening in the fourth quarter trying to engineer the comeback. He'll be around at least two more years in New England.

Did you know that until last night, New England at home, in ALL games with Tom Brady starting and when leading at halftime, was 67-0! :o

One such playoff loss to end such a historic streak in pro football, as much as it hurts, does not compromise anything for Tom Brady.

Just ask players on the Ravens and 49ers who have forgotten about last year's playoffs already and rightly so!

$10 Baltimore To Win x2.62

I like the Ravens but I am not that confident as it might just come down to the team that makes the fewest mistakes and has the ball last for a field goal to win.

I will make prop bets later this week.

And rightly so Brady was fined.

Pollard, one of the best strong safeties in the league, was as well for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Welker though:

[url=] ... 610df08a32[/url]

$110 on the 49ers to cover the spread; [ -3.5 ]

Here's some great pre-game reading as I recommend.

These are fine brief articles about how each team evolved into the team it is today.


[url=] ... raft-class[/url]


[url=] ... ie-newsome[/url]

It's also nice not to have to hear about the draft genius of Bill Belichek of New England for one year too! That's one recycled and easy article for any NFL writer too.

[url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

Normally I look into prop bets, but this is out of control! After a really busy month all-around, I'll pass this time and just stick to my single bet.

From everything I have seen and heard including from those who have lived there, despite it played up by visiting media all the time of course because hey, they are not paying for their rooms or food, New Orleans is a dump.

Im pumped to watch Baltimore win tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it is game day. After this Im going to go into serious football withdrawal. :frowning:

But I hope my favorite player Ed Reed has an outstanding game.

Its half time. Pretty exciting game. Ed Reed with a pick so I was happy bout that!

If the power went out at a Grey Cup, how many bush league comments would be made?

0 for 3 on TDs when inside the 10 will lose you a lot of games.

LOL, I was thinking exactly the same thing when it happened, LadnerLion. The “NFL only” types would be howling.

I am fine with the non-call at the end of the game. The Ravens were victimized by the 35 minute delay as they had the game well in hand but went well over an hour in between offensive plays, so they deserved it.

Besides, it’s not like the ball was catchable.

I thought the safety at the end was a nice touch. Nice to see our game making a bit of an appearance.

As for the non-call I am still not convinced it was a penalty against Baltimore. There was hands going back and forth there. And really throughout the whole game there were many non-calls going both ways. The refs did what most of us want and let the men play. For example I cannot recall one single holding penalty that was called but there were definitely a few that probably should have been called.

Congratulations to Joe Flacco on being MVP.

I felt the MVP of the game was Jacoby Jones. His return TD being an obvious factor but also his 56 yard receiving touchdown. I was impressed with how quickly he got up and immediately built up enough speed to out run San Fran's remaining defense without being touched.

Now if there was a Playoff MVP I would suggest Anquan Boldin. Here is a guy who was not being utilized to the best of his abilities during the regular season (I had him on my fantasy team and was a bit disappointed). However, once the playoffs started he was nothing short of spectacular. He did anything to help his team win. Every time the Baltimore Ravens needed a big play on 3rd down it seems they would go to him and he kept delivering. He is not the fastest by any means however he was getting open, made very nice catches, including the one tonight on 3rd and 9 (I think), and it was seemingly taking 2 guys to tackle him. In addition he was blocking well and was not afraid to get use a stiff arm here and there. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for him in the last month or so.