Super Bowl XLVI

Still 2 weeks to go but might as well get it started.

Go Giants, make it a close one at least. :slight_smile:

Go Pats. I hope to see Doug and Alexa smiling at the Flutie bowl monday. :smiley:

well that’s one accurate prediction. Doug Will be quite enthused tomorrow.

Go G-men 7-7.

Ohhh yesss. Giants win in OT. Super Bowl XLII rematch. Gonna be something. :rockin:

and on Jamel Richardson's birthday to boot.

OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GIANTS WIIIIIIN!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Great Game! the NFL this year beat the CFL re championship game for excitement- that final play- a holy ghost play that could have gone to each team. This was great football!!

There is an Alouette connection to Giants offensive co-ordinator Kevin Gilbride, infamous for his run-in with co-Houston Oilers coach Buddy Ryan in the early 1990`s during Monday Night Football.

"There is scarcely a detail Gilbride doesn’t recall about his days in the CFL, starting as a guest coach with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, moving to Ottawa as Joe Moss’s offensive coordinator in 1985-86, jumping to Montreal on coach Joe Faragalli’s promise of great things to come under new GM Norm Kimball.

“We were in the airport, flying over to Toronto for our opening game, and got called back to Olympic Stadium to be told it was over,? Gilbride said. “We’d already gone through training camp, and pre-season, and all of a sudden, no more team.?

My dad actually remembered him from his Houston Oilers run and shoot days and the famous 'run-in' you mentioned. Didn't know about the alouettes. Glad he's getting a ring. :thup: