Super Bowl XLVI Talk: Giants - Patriots II

Have at it with chatter and picks and fun. Is anyone in Ontario or otherwise lucky enough to be going?

Hopefully the weather holds up too.

$21 Giants To Win +125/x2.25

And then there are all those prop-bets for later too:

[url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

I'll go the other way; $22.00 - New England To Win + 130/x 2.35
Another $44.00 - New England wins by 6 points or more.

NE to win as the favourite without taking any points is not +130. It is -140/x1.71 on one book. For a favourite to win on the money line you can't get even odds. Explain?

Otherwise I wonder what line you are getting on that $44 teaser bet for New England to win by 6 though.

Not sure how this Vegas betting works so I admit to being a dummy... :oops:
I should have stuck to my original bet in another thread instead being a talking head...Sigh
$250.00; New Englaland wins and the Patriots cover the spread.


$250.00; New Englaland wins and the Patriots cover the spread.

Another $44.00 - New England wins by 6 points or more.

Ah wow going bold ...for covering the spread of 3 you would get +108/x2.08 on your $250.

And for the $44.00 bet with a win by 6, well I don't know exactly on such a teaser bet at it is called but of course the return would be more.

I have to find someone locally to bet $21 straight up to make $25 whilst risking only $21 on the underdog Giants.

Paolo X, I'll stick with this bet as it sounds good; thus nevermind about the teaser bet.

...the patriots will beat the giants and the score will be 42-14-0

...that last number is the points the Seahawks will score. They didn't make the playoffs, they're not very good

Easy there! We'll be back! :rockin:

But not with T-Jack! viewtopic.php?f=15&t=65873

…easy there. 'hawks fan since '78 here…in fact, I think you and I were the only two around these parts to call the win over the Saints last year…

I think I might have as well. At least I seem to recall calling a big upset, but that could have been predictions about a night out or something.

Oh no, there were only two known people in all of North America who picked the Seahawks last year against the Saints, and they were both on this forum. It was a feat that might be one of the top moments in all of forum history, but I do not know who is keeping track now.

Saskfan I know was one, but you'll have to dig up the thread from January 2011 to see who the other one was of record as I think was R&W. If there was some other thread with the predictions, show it.

Otherwise I have made clear in the Seahawks thread that with T-Jack there is no future in Seattle, and no one has expressed otherwise any confidence in him or any disagreement. Good luck on staying with that program.

The Seahawks did get the shaft though early in the first half years ago when they played the Steelers in the Super Bowl for the 2005 season in 2006.

That was the first Super Bowl I bet in Las Vegas though, and I won also on my first ever 4-way parlay too. It was also the only 4-way parlay I ever hit. :smiley:

what language are you speaking???


Anyway, here you go and greenandwhite:


Well at least this year's SB isn't going to be played at a stadium with mold problems :wink: :

Qualcomm stadium is said to be run down. Visiting teams have complained of moldy locker rooms and sub-par conditions

[url=] ... 40998.html[/url]

...or in California for that matter Earl ...Commissioner Roger Goodell hates all the stadiums in California due to their age and wear and tear, with Oakland's stadium now the only stadium in the US still used also for baseball full-time.

The state itself has faced budget issues for a decade now too so as to accommodate upgrades. Can you believe it has already been 10 years since Californians ousted their past lame governor Grey Davis and The Governator was elected?

Now that the 49ers are going to Santa Clara in 2014 at the earliest, that is a potential destination later this decade as well.

I'm not sure what Oakland and San Diego are going to do at this point, but I see two teams moving into new stadia in SoCal/LA by 2020 as I have commented separately in the NFL To LA Positive Progress thread.

Well Paolo, as someone who wants to see all football succeed more and more in North America, especially gridiron, I hope that things can be worked out for better stadiums everywhere. I’m not a big baseball nut but do realize that until recently, baseball really was the no. 1 sport in the US. But thankfully things are changing and gridiron and the NFL is still emerging and some say that in some respects has passed baseball as the no. 1 sport. Baseball has a lot going for it in the number of games played and I can appreciate that when tax money is being used, it is easier to justify spending on a baseball stadium than a football stadium.

It's been I think the most boring media week before the Super Bowl that I remember since the 1970s before cable TV when I did not even know what is media week.

As one guy on radio said today, all we have heard the most part is about Peyton Manning and Rob Gronkowski's ankle. Zzzzzzzzzzzz .... :?

Let me interrupt this report to refer you to Ines Sainz from last year to get this week back in the right direction:

[url=] ... a-day.html[/url]

Click on the links within it and note especially those, uh, reporting skills.

Otherwise carry on please.

I'll take the Giants to win 31-20

The Patriots have no answer for all the weapons that the Giants have. Meanwhile, The Giants' defense will get some stops and turnovers because of the pressure they get on Tom Brady.