Super Bowl XLIV predictions

Saints 31

Colts 24

Here's an awesome press conference with the half-time performers (turn up the speakers) :wink: ......."The Who"

[url=] ... onference/[/url]

Colts by 10

Colts 45 Saints 17 Colts have way too much Offence.. and have better D.

I hope I am wrong I'd Love to see the Saints Win this one.

If both teams play their best game and barring a Manning injury...Colts win big!

Everyone's talking about both teams offenses but I think this game is going to be won by the team that plays better defense. It should be great but I don't think it's going to be as high scoring as most people do. I think both offenses are going to try and play ball control to keep the other team's offense off the field.

Saints 24
Colts 20

Colts - 27
Saints- 24

38-35 Colts.

Colts by 14 if they play mediocre otherwise Colts by 21.

New Orleans 31 Indy 21 :rockin:

The prevelenace of commercials is ruining the game for me.


Is there a football game in there somewhere?

Please, please TiCats never, ever hire that dumb coach of the Saints, OMG, is this guy actually a coach in the NFL? Horrrrrrible… OMG 4th down against’ a better team, you do NOT run the ball. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Does this guy know anything???

That's better coach, onside kick, run a bit and pass the ball to get to the end zone, only way to beat a better team is to be aggressive and do it ALL THE WAY. Don't leave the putt short, if you're going to lose, do it by being aggressive agains't the better team, only way I say.

He knows how to win a super bowl. :wink:

Yup, wow, made me eat my words big time, congrats to the Saints, I didn’t think they had a chance in he… to win this. :thup:

Final score is 31-17.

Congrats on your first SB Saints!

Well, two of us predicted the Saints would win and score exactly 31 points in doing so........great game!

(I wish I was on Bourbon St. right now.......) :wink: :lol:

Very good game, certainly not GREAT game IMHO but entertaining in any case. And no classic game just a good upset win.

IMHO This was a bad game, especially compared to the recent super bowls. No big plays at all other than the New Orleans interception return, and New Orleans ran away with it in the fourth.

so ya think that come next Grey Cup folks down on the Bayou and and and over toward the Indie Speedway out by I74 in Indiana are going to drool over the Tabbies and whoever faces them from the Canadian west in the same way we shadow the NFL?

I think not...

only prediction that holds true about the Super Bowl is that its less about sports and more about money with a capital M
(the odds makers run the game and Vegas runs them) :cowboy:

It's money but also US/American culture, New Orleans and their culture vs the people up in Indiana. One thing we tend to forget is that the States is full of this region vs that region each with it's own ineiosyncratic culture and identies. I guess you see it a bit more in college sports there. We talk of Canadian culture, yes, but American culture exists among themselves equally if not more, well no more I guess, than the various regions of Canada.