Super Bowl XLIII: Cardinals vs Steelers

Some Canadian connections...

92 - Bertrand Berry, Defensive End - Cardinals
Edmonton Eskimos (2000) [url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

17 - Mitch Berger, Punter - Steelers
Arizona Cardinals (2007)

The Steelers also have two members of their coaching staff with CFL experience:

Amos Jones, Assistant Special Teams Coach
BC Lions (1997)

Kirby Wilson, Running Backs Coach
Arizona Cardinals (2004-2006)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1983)
Toronto Argonauts (1984)

Mike Tomlin's dad, Ed, used to play Defensive Back for the Montreal Alouettes (1968)

These games are hit and miss. No different than the past two championships on our side of the border.

The Steelers are off to a great start!

Nice pick, 100 yards, that ones gotta hurt the Cards. know, that's just being an ignornat cuss....get some class....

i know its far the most important thing about the super bowl but that halftime show goes to show how a thousand dollars in flashlights, a couple thousand fans on the field (and using the others in the bleachers) and a few search lights and fireworks can make for a great show.

But then again, hard to compare Theory of a Deadman to the Boss

Anyways, just making some halftime chat...heres hoping the Cards come back to make a game of it, but i'm good with either team winning, neither is a team you love to hate

I was expecting to see a CFL ad. Maybe I missed it.

Congrats to the Steelers on their big win, and the one of the most exciting Super Bowl games I've ever watched, even better than last year's game. The Cards came back to take the lead, this was pretty much a CFL style game, it took to the last play of the game to decide it. The Cards gave it their best, it just wansn't quite good enough.

I'd rank this game in the top 5 of all the Super Bowls I've watched. It was a pleasure to witness this history. It was very dramatic and wild to watch the revolving door of potential goats.

You know, I said this game would be boring, and I'd just like to take this opportunity to eat my hat.

It was pretty damn exciting. I had a lot of fun watching it, and I'm glad the Steelers won. 6 'Ships. That's damn impressive. Congrats to them.

Now, I'd like to eat my other hat... Earlier I said I was indifferent toward the Cards and that I wouldn't care if Arizona lost their Franchise. Clearly I was wrong... Fitzgerald had a great story (explained in the pre-game), and I was happy he was able to at least have a good game. Congrats to him. And congrats to the Cards. It was all Steelers early on. They took the momentum going into halftime with that amazing runback by Harrison, and they kept it pretty much throughout all of the third. Then the Cards woke up, and it seemed like Warner couldn't miss a pass.

I didn't like the Steelers D... I thought they were rushing too many guys and too often, and I didn't like how they kept the safeties so far back. But I give Arizona all the credit for exploiting those weaknesses.

Finally, I wasn't looking forward to the halftime show, but it was actually pretty fun. I laughed when Bruce Springsteen slid into the camera. :lol:

One more thing... almost forgot. Ronnie kicks ass for having the best answer to a question ever: We'll make room!!! :lol:

One of the best SB's I've seen and that's even with all those flags, actually one of the best championship games, SB or GC, I've seen. Hate the Steelers but congrats to them, pulled it out, Holmes great catches and great game. Warner doesn't make the very dumb throw at the end of the 1st half, they could have easily won. But they showed they belonged in the big game. Cards also need a new punter, that guy is bad but I guess he's been injured.

I also hated all the penalties. We rarely had any for the first little while. I was starting to get excited. Then they started flying out left and right.

Two of the dumbest penalties of all time...

  1. Arizona rolling over Pittsburgh's FG holder. What the hell was that? Fortunately, the D bailed the guy out (didn't catch his name or number).

  2. Harrison's Murphyesque attack. What in the world was that garbage? There's no place in football for that. I was shocked. Up to that point he was having a good game. Dumb, dumb, penalty. Fortunately, it didn't really have any affect since they were already pinned at the 1.

When it's hard to see either team lose, you know you just watched a great game.

I was surprised to learn that holding in the end zone is a safety

Piggy, I was going for the Steelers, but when Fitzgerald ran that TD in, I thought, "You know what, congrats to them. They deserve it."

Ro, I was also surprised to learn that... :?

Yes, loved Madden saying Harrison should have easily been thrown out for that punch, that's what I love about football, no room for that crap. Yes again, didn't know about holding and a safety in the end zone, interesting.

All round great show, great game, great half time show. If the Superbowl was always up to this caliber, I would watch more NFL. Even half to say that despite my calls for Stompin Tom at the half of the Grey Cup, I would settle for the Boss.

It was definitely better than last year's superbowl. I'm going to hold off on calling it one of the best ever, I still remember the 1st half being fairly slow paced without too much action, 2nd half didn't disappoint though!

I was also half in shock they didn't go upstairs to take an extended look at the "fumble" by Warner at the end. It may have been the right call, but in the Super bowl you have to at least take an extended look at that play, especially with the penalty tacked on that could have been Arizona's ball at the 35.

I thought it was the right call on the Warner fumble. The Steeler that knocked ball out his hand did so before he went into the throwing motion. I did see Warner's arm go forward, but it was after the ball had been knocked out. I do agree that it was a quick review, much quicker than the other plays that they reviewed in the game.

On a different note, I will ask this here-- the rule on challenges is that if a coach wins his first challenge, he basically gets a third one. I would like to see the CFL adopt this rule-- anyone agree?

I’ve been a Cardinals fan since Jack “the snake” Plummer was tossing up 3 interceptions a game and the Cards were finishing 3-13. This years team is different and showed with good leader ship (Whisenhunt and Warner) you can take a team from eternal mediocraty to something great. Sure I’m disappointed that they didnt win, but i’m extremely proud of how they handled themselves, came together to make a run like this, and damn near won the whole thing at the end. I can now wear my cardinals hat out in publc without little kids going whats taht and mothers pulling them away from me like i have lepracy haha…

It was nice to see a team that hasn’t ever won a championship before try and compete for one and i think the look on larry Fitzgeralds face when Holmes made the catch says everything (was a amazing catch to a perfect pass). Next year i would like to see two other teams with no history of winning make it…say a Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints with New Orleans winning, or what not. But this was an exciting game and i can’t be made my Card’s lost they gave it everything they had and them some…only to come up 2 mins short or one INT short. Who knows maybe next year…if they can sign Warner.

You have to win both challenges to get the third. Not a bad rule...