Super Bowl will lose money for Glendale?

That's what the Mayor of Glendale has said:

Super Bowls are a money suck, says mayor of city about to host Super Bowl

Jerry Weiers, the mayor of Glendale, Arizona, recently told me he doesn’t expect a windfall when his city hosts the big game in February. In fact, he says, “I totally believe we will lose money on this.?

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Ok, that comment by a Mayor does surprise me I must admit.

Perhaps he’s talking specifically about Glendale where the stadium is located. Most of the hotels and parties and people spending money in hotels, bars, restaurants and shops will take place in other areas of Greater Phoenix like the city itself, Tempe, Scottsdale etc.

Most of the spending claims made by sport organizations are grossly exaggerated. Spending during large scale sporting events comes at the expense of spending of locals or other tourists who avoid the host city due to the event being there. NFL can care less about the amount of money host cities need to spend in order to acquire the game and watch with glee as competing cities compete for who is willing to blow their brains out financially more to land the big event, while they keep most of the profits for themselves.

Not surprising when you consider how the city has botched the Coyotes.