Super Bowl? Who Ya Got?

So, kickoff is just over an hour away...

Got family coming over and they are not football fans at all. The NFL is a VERY casual watch for me so I will just check in occasionally.

Have to root against Belichek.

Wow Hendy, What a finish by the Pats.
I really missed the Coach's challenge on the PI calls ... said nobody ever.
Entertaining game.

Hard to believe that one holding call that moved the Falcons out of field goal range hurt so bad.
You gotta respect Brady's performance in the second half. Outstanding comeback by the favourites to win.
One of the best Superbowls in quite a while.

Now....let's see what happens over the next few weeks in the CFL.

Yeah.... what a bum call by the refs. :wink:
No way that was holding. Looked more like 'intentional trying to rip someone's head off' didn't it?
Had to be among the most blatant holds in the history of football replays! Yeah Ryan would have taken the hit but the penalty killed them.

I was watching the golf tournament to see how our boys, Hadwin and DeLaet. did when Nick Faldo commented on the playoff won by Hideki Matsuyama. He suggested that the Super Bowl might go to overtime, also. The odds were totally against him. I wonder what Vegas would have paid on an overtime bet, considering that 50 previous games had never gone to overtime.

Faldo should be buying lottery tickets this week. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

What killed them was the uncalled facemask at the other end of that play. Even with offsetting yards for the hold, it still would have been an automatic first down. I also thought the big Ryan fumble would have been called an incomplete pass in the CFL, but maybe that rule is different in the NFL?

And the NFL's overtime format is still the dumbest in pro sports, even compared to soccer shootouts.

I'm glad the outcome of this game wasn't important to me.

Pre-Game odds were +750 for the game to go to overtime. So bet $100 and get $850 back. (Includes the $100 you risked)

The real big payoff from what I have seen though is an in-game bet when the Patriots were down 25 points with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. $100 paid $2000!

I was glad to see the Patriots win but the overtime format does need a change. After the Pats scored the touchdown, the Falcons should be given a possession. "Irregardless", in real football overtime, the teams do play real football. The soccer shootout is like deciding a game with Rock, Paper, Scissors. In a championship game, the title should be decided by playing the game, not some freak show shootout that doesn't resemble the real game!

I wonder if my anti-soccer bias was showing? :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who likes the CFL overtime format just fine.)

Thanks to Fenderguy for the Vegas information. You are the graph, chart, and info. guy! :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Yes thanks Fenderguy.

Pat, you say you're (the old guy) but I think most of us are old here. Curious to know who the oldest is? Im 60 next month :slight_smile:

Hamilton born 1957, you are a young pup with many decades of TiCat football ahead of you. :lol: As for me, I'm in my 70s, which of course means that I'll soon be shooting my age on the golf course. My best score was 75 but sadly that was 45 years ago. The holes and putts seem to be getting longer and the memory shorter. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

The CFL format needs to change. I was at the OT game in Ottawa last summer and both teams kicked FGs and the game ended as a tie. I like the idea of lining up on the 35 yard line but they should play until a winner. The NFL idea with the first team to score a TD would be better than what we have.

Slimjim2, I agree that games shouldnt end up in a tie but I'm with Pat Lynch (the old guy who likes the CFL overtime format just fine.) The NFL should use the CFL rules re. OT.
And yes Pat, I have many more Ticat years ahead - hopefully we see another GC before my time ends!!

Or the NFL should use the NCAA over time rules, I think that is where we got our rule from. Except in the NCAA they line up on the 25 yard line.
Before the CFL adopted the NCAA rule there used to be two 10 minute halves, I don't know why the CFL changed that rule.

There may be a couple of reasons why the CFL went to a shorter version of overtime. The CFL plays a long schedule (2+18 games) and injuries are a big factor for each team. The longer the game, the greater the risks of injury. The travelling connections and flight schedules may be impacted by longer game delays. So you miss the 23:00 flight and you stay in the hotel an extra day. With some games being 5 days apart, there is a real disadvantage for the travelling team.
I would love to hear from an Eric Tillman or Wally Buono on this topic, just to clarify the reasoning.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)