Super Bowl: some tickets not honoured

Unbelievable! Over 1,200 fans arrived at the Super Bowl with perfectly valid tickets, only to learn that some temporary seating areas didn't get built in time. About 850 were seated elsewhere, while others were turned away or invited to watch on TV screens at the stadium. Some of these people had travelled across the country and spent thousands to watch their team play. Refunds will be offered.

I know that sometimes sh-- happens. My reason for posting this: I wanted it on the public record as a pre-emptive answer to all those who will inevitably post on this forum in 2011 and say that the CFL is "bush league" for one reason or another. I may feel inclined to point them back to this story and ask them if they feel anything bush ever happens in the mighty NFL.

That is just so USA.

Wow, not good. :o

I see attendance was 103,000 and paid attendance 91,000. :?

I had exactly the same thought at you, ExPat, when I the seating issue was reported about an hour before the game. Then, the "Big Show XLV" certainly didn't get any better with that National Anthem and half-time show.

That is absolutely BRUTAL!! Wow I'm totally shocked. I'd be some pissed if that happened to me.

My sentiments exactly.

People with tickets not allowed into the game, a messed up national anthem, a trainwreck of a halftime show and people injured at the stadium a couple of days before the game.

But on the other hand, maybe all football is bush league?

Some people will accuse us of trumpeting an inferiority complex, but the truth is had all those blunders occurred at a Grey Cup the mainstream Toronto media would trash the entire league (especially the Rogers empire).

What about the drops and dumb penalties?

Even the commercials were a bomb.

ahh the bitter Canadians, trying to find fault even the smallest
How many times have we heard someone at a Grey Cup forget the words to our national anthem.

If you read the story the people were either re-seated somewhere else or given a refund at TRIPLE the face value.

.......and how can you fault the game? dumb penalties and drops......come on guys give credit where credit is due and quit trying to find faults, it was a great game. Is this some way of trying to justify the Grey Cup?

and don't forget that train wreck of a half time show happened to us in Edmonton a few years ago. The Black Eyed Peas are a disaster Live!!

....and someone is trying to criticize the attendance because the paid attendance was 93,000? If he had done some reading he would have seen that there was 103,000 which included all of THE PRESS!! The PRESS doesn't pay for tickets they are there to cover the game!!! it was a Super Bowl record..........people in the stadium.

Stop the Bitterness!!!! we are above that

Seriously? You think that waiting all year and travelling across the country and taking time off work and forking out tonnes of money on hotel and such only to be told that you aren't getting in is a small fault? You don't have very high standards, pal. I don't care if they got back 3X the value of their tickets, it's just not the same. There is absolutely NO excuse for not having those seats made in time. It was a clear statement to the fans that they didn't matter.

As for the anthem, I wasn't offended. I thought it was pretty funny. Not only did she mess it up but she sounded awful. I know their anthem and I'm not even American.

I don't think it's a matter of trying to find faults in the NFL, as much as it is disarming NFL-only types who try to find fault in the CFL and don't give it credit where credit is due. In other words, one of the things the CFL gets criticized for is something the NFL could be criticized for (but isn't), thus invalidating one of the supposed reasons for disliking the CFL.

Personally, I wish people would just watch what they like, CFL or NFL or both (or neither, for that matter), and not criticize or put down other people for having different preferences and interests. Being a CFL fan, I don't like it when people criticize the CFL for dumb reasons. On the other hand, despite not being much of an NFL fan, I still can't help but roll my eyes when people (certain CFL fans especially) go to so much effort to put down the NFL.

FYI your post was about finding faults in other posts...

LMAO!! Well done.

Will I get my head bitten off again for inquiring into the purpose of all the .........s?

Only the NFL would count people standing outside watching on screens as part of the attendance.

The point is if all those blunders happened during a Grey Cup the Toronto media would trash the league to no end.

Have to agree that the CFL would have been ripped to shreds if its Grey Cup week was marred with injuries from falling snow and fans turned away hours before the game because temporary seating wasn't done on time.

There would have been little focus on the game had these things happened at a Grey Cup.

Having said that, I found the game entertaining.

i just read, that, after x-tina sang the anthem, they had planes fly over the stadium....with the dome