Super Bowl Seahawks Call….why, why, WHY??

Oh please, someone tell me. Pah-leeeez…..

For those who watched Super Bowl 2015 to the end, you would have seen an unbelievable fluke, lucky, "pre-destined" lol catch by the the Seahawks with just seconds left. You have to see that play to believe it actually happened.

Subsequently, the Seahawks were down 28-24 and got the ball down to within 1/2 yard of the Patriot's goal line. A TD and they win the Super Bowl. Lynch is the Seahawks work horse. He was healthy and was rarely stuffed throughout the game. He continually made 2, 3 or 4+ yard gains.

Why? WHY WHY WHY did the Seahawks not hand the ball off to him to make the 1/2 yard? Yes, the entire Patriot's D would have known but surprising the D would not be the intent. It would have been about brute force and power against brute force and power . Lynch against the 6+ guys who would be attempting to bring him down. I believe Lynch would have won that battle as he is so powerful he can carry guys for an additional 3 or 4 yards before they can bring him down.

Is there no such thing as a quarterback sneak in the NFL? We've seen in the CFL 3rd and one converted to 1st downs frequently. 3rd and goal have been converted to TDs. Could Wilson not have taken the ball and kept it himself? I simply do not understand why this call was made. I will never understand!

If Seattle had lost by running out of downs fair enough but to lose the way the team lost, no words can describe it.

Well, even more want to throw...fine, not 3" across the LOS over the middle...that makes little sense at all. Will most definitely be a call questioned for many a years to come.

should have faked to lynch and have Wilson run it in himself. Best running QB in the league and they don't have him run once in the 4th. Stupid. He should have also ran on 3rd and 5 on their second last possession.

Anything. ANYTHING but the play call that was made. By the way….

Does anyone know if it was Wilson’s call or did it come from the bench? Did no one have confidence that Lynch could take the ball in? Unbelievable!

It was a great play by the Patriot defender to intercept the ball - but absolutely you have to run when you have Lynch and Wilson in that situation.

Yeah, I could maybe understand putting it in the air if it was no time left/4th down. They had time to run a few plays still. Just really weird. Brady must be over the moon that his 1st INT and points left because of it did not cost them.


Do you know if that play came from the bench or did Wilson call it?

Apparently the OC Darrell Bevell made the call and Carroll and Wilson defend the call in post game comments here.

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I don't profess to know more than the experts, but I thought that call was dumb, dumb, dumb.

My gut feeling is the OC and/or Carroll didn't want Lynch to get the glory of getting the winning td. Something personal going on there, perhaps. Only the team and Seahawks admin would know that though if that was the case. But wouldn't surprise me. But for a coach(s) to put this ahead of the team, well someone should be fired, again, if that's the case. Or get rid of Lynch.

Earl - as was mentioned during the telecast the Seahawks have been negotiating with Lynch's to try to sign him to a long term contract - so your theory does't make sense.

It was just a case of the play caller (the OC) over thinking the call or trying to be too cute to get credit for a 'gutsy call' if it worked.

One of, if not THE worst call in gridiron football history

I don't think so Earl. I don't know a lot about Carroll but I can't see personality issues coming into play on this one. I listened to the coach's explanation and his reasoning was that there was lots of time remaining to still punch the ball in if the passing play didn't work out. I'm sure if he could, the coach would have taken that one back and gone with Lynch.
The coach said the Patriots were expecting a running play. My question is, so what? There is a play called the QB "sneak" and yet everyone on the field and in the stadium knows what is going to happen. Let it be Lynch's brute strength and power against the Patriot's front line. The Seahawks only needed to make 18" not 4 or 5 yards. I have seen CFL games where the QB hands the ball off from the one yard line and the guy dives over the sea of humanity in front of him to score.

If this pass had worked the coach would have been a hero but it didn't. The worst thing possible happened and Butler [Patriots] who rained on the Seahawks parade made a fabulous interception.

My sadness comes because of the absolutely unbelievable catch that was made down around the 5 yard line a few plays earlier that gave the Seahawks the chance to win the game. I don't think that catch could be repeated in a million years! What an unfortunate way to squander such an opportunity.

For the Patriots, Butler's interception was worth almost another $50,000! For the Seahawks, it cost them a potential $49 000 in additional prize money. Ouch! :twisted:

Sure seemed to be a bench call. I would need to watch it again, but didn't see an audible, and it appeared to originally come from the sideline.

Again, I don't overly mind a pass, but 3" past the LOS over the middle seems strange. They were basically hoping that the LB bit on the run and that the coverage was tight man with no ManOver. he either need to release that to hi the target about 4-5 strides sooner (to the hash mark) or throw something outside (ie see the Pats short TD pass). I never noticed...was there play action? If there was, that little delay before tossing would have made the difference in stride that I speak of.

Considering they have indicated they are looking at a long-term extension, I can't see it. They were hoping to catch the Pats off-guard, and but for 1 man, they seemed to. Not a horrid call to pass, just a horrid pass selection IMO....and yes, more significantly...and amazing defensive effort to not only get a hand in to swat at it, but come up with it.