Super Bowl Predictions...

.. who will win and what will the be the final score?

I say...
Indianapolis 35 New Orleans 34... lots of offence in this one!

Unless the colts are foolish enough to drop the ball like the Vikings I actually don't see this being that close. Colts offense is great as always but they actually have a top 5 defence. The management has done a great job building a unit built on speed. They say Freeney is questionable but there's no way he misses this game.
Colts 38
Saints 27

5th ranked defense? In the playoffs maybe but in the regular season the Colts were 18th and the Saints 26th.. that tells me that the game is more likely to be a high scoring affair... and in a game for all the marbles anything can happen, and you can use the GC as an example.. many thought that the Als were going to run roughshod over the Riders, but the Riders outplayed the Als for over 3 quarters... it came down to a too many men call that gave Duval a second chance to win it... that why I think this game is going to be closer than some might think..

The thing about Indy’s defence is they’ll give you a lot of yards (far too many in my opinion), but they won’t give you a lot of points. It’s a frustrating defence, but at the end of the day, it does seem to get the job done.

That said, it sounds like Freeney might be out… and if by some miracle he does manage to play, it might not be for the whole game. Kind of sucks. Mathis better start preparing himself to lead the D-Line.

Colts win by 14 and that's if they play bad, if they play average they win by 21.

Drew Brees wins MVP leading his team to a thrilling 30-28 win

Not going to happen Billy, the Vikes almost won and they turned the pigskin over what, 8 times, otherwise it was a Vikes win easily. Saints don't have a chance unless the weather is bad and then anything goes.

I don't know about that... It rained in Miami two years ago when the Colts won.

Dont forget, the Saints geared their defense to playing aggressive and blitzing heavily, they could have put the guys they were blitzing back in coverage and the stats wouldnt have benefited the Vikes offense as much. I'm thinking you may be in for a surprise their Earl, this one could go eitherway.
The Saints defense is better than the 26th rating they got, they were at least in the top half of the league in defense before that three game slide at the end of the season. The Colts seem to match up well for the Saints. Throughout the year, the Saints have trouble stopping the run, and the Colts cant run anyway. I think when two offenses are this great, it really comes down to turnovers, and the Saints have been probably the best in the giveaway takeaway category, and if they can get to Peyton like they did Favre and Warner, it will really help the Saints cause.
Overall, Indy is a beast of a team with Peyton, and the Saints are an amazing team as well, I think that my Saints will pull out another victory, but it will be a great game.

38-31 New Orleans, Who Dat!

well, with indy as my fav afc team and NO as my 3rd fav nfc team, I am going to be pretty happy either way, but happier with a colts win. gotta love it.

Indy Colts win big time 33-13, Peyton M. shines.

I'm not saying the Saints won't have a chance to make it close, they will, but the Colts are the better team, even without Freeney. But then I thought the Als would steamroll over the Riders and that wasnt' the case. We'll see.

Saints 31
Colts 17...

I guess the Colts screwed up more than the Vikings did...