Super Bowl Predictions

..hope this is ok with the mods.... 8)

Patriots 28

Giants 20

Sorry, I can't offer any prizes...

(well, I still have a free coffee from an old "Roll Up The Win" thingy on my dashboard you can fight over) :lol:

Have a Super Sunday!

27-16 for the G-men

34-24 Pats.

I played the game out twice on Madden. Ist game, 24-21 Giants. Second game, 34-17 Pats. Both pretty good indications of what could happen. It comes down to who wants it more. Like Madden says "90% of the game is half mental."

38-14 Patriots.

The only way I see the Giants winning is if they do what they did in Super Bowl XXV to the Bills where they dominated the time of possession to keep the ball away from the extremely potent offense of the Bills. And remember that game still came down to a missed Scott Norwood field goal on the last second. Hey Bills fans, do you remember WIDE RIGHT WIDE RIGHT!!!! hahaha

Like NY but NE will take it 26-18

The score is 7-3 at Tom Petty time: I'm guessing the Giants are confusing the Patriot spies with their defensive signals...


and Tom Petty looked like he was ready to fall asleep!

After all that HYPE!!!!!!!


a boring Superbowl is better than an exciting Grey Cup anyday!

Disagree The game was awfull to till the 4 Qrt.
But 4th Qrt was good.

I Could have took a Nap Between Pats Score in 1st till the 4th QRT :lol:

I Still like the grey cup better

Co legend i have to ask why you make a statement like that on a CFL website ?? To say something ike that you have to be trying to start an argument right ??

My guess is that co-legend has something against the Ticats organization...

Honestly, some people may think that this game was boring, but considering the circumstances this may have been the best super bowl in a lone time, maybe ever (like I said....considering the circumstances).

One thing to we have a new "The Drive"...I mean look at it. 2:48 to go and Eli executes a great 2 min drive to win the super bowl against a team that was considered the "best ever"

All I can say is great game!!

ya giants superbowl champs! in all you nay sayers faces!

yes it was a bad game til the 4th, but it was an NFL game so its automatically better than the CFL.

Here is a Question if the CFL is So bad
Why are you here?

The Game (Sucked) till the 4th Qrt.
Go find a NFL Fan site to post on.

Congrats to the G-Men! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

P.S. Raider Nation salutes you...LMAO :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I disagree with you that it was a bad game until the 4th quarter. You may feel that way since the game wasnt very high scoring, but isn't that what we Hamilton fans have always prided ourselves on....smashmouth football...great defense?

Thats what the Giants played for 4 quarters...smashmouth-in-your-face football

Wow, the first 50 minutes of the Super Bowl really was a Super Bore. I love watching the commentators try to dress it up as a “legendary defensive battle”. Brady overthrowing Moss, not because of any pressure in particular, and Eli choking his brains out, does not a “legendary defensive battle” make.

Now the last 10 minutes of that game was EXCELLENT though. In particular the last drive engineered by Eli, that was incredible.

footballbuff sorry I just Defence Games Boaring.

I Rather have 40-38 Game then 17-10 Game
the CFL is so much better IMO
I was Raise on Scoring offence.
with Just Enough D to get it done.

Most CFL Fans are use to high Scoring Games.
Where you can't leave your Seat.
This game was a Snooze Feast For me Personally.
I Can't Wait for June..

Great fourth quarter.

How good is Eli going to be? He is going to be a lot better than Peyton. How many times did Peyton choke in big games during the early part of his career.

Eli was composed the whole time.