Super Bowl predictions!!!

Okay I know its a little early, but with the preseason underway I can't resist.

Whos gonna win the Super Bowl this year and whats gonna be the score?

My prediction is:

Seahawks 27 Chargers 24 in a nail biter.

Don't ask why I think the Seahawks its just a hunch.

Now lets hear your opinions.

I want the Vikes to win but that is a long shot I'm sure. Maybe the Chargers will win it all though?

lol.....the seahawks?

patriots 34 Saints 24

Tom Brady just picks apart the saints defence throwing for 3 TD passes and the game is not as close as the score shows

I like the way you went with the Chargers. They have been looking better each year. I could definately see the Chargers in the Superbowl and then choking.

I don't think the Seahawks will be in the Bowl. Don't ask why I think that, it's just a hunch.

Indy Colts can repeat but probably won't.

I hope with all my hoping abilities that The Green Bay Packers can make a big splash in the playoffs (providing they make it there). But once they reach the Superbowl they are on their own. I wanna see Favre Jam out a Superbowl victory.

Okay okay herer it is.

Colts 34 Eagles 31

unless it's

Chargers 24 Eagles 28

orrrr from the long shot category . . . . .

Titans 21 Packers 31

I guess what I am trying to say is a shade of green vs. a shade of blue.

Boo yah

Cheers to all.

Yeah, I think pretty boy tom brady does it. Last year their only downfall was that they didn't have any good wide outs. This year that's different. With Moss and Stallworth, and even kelley washington i think the pats got it. i like the Cowboys in the NFC. Owens might actually do some good and Witten's a pretty damn good TE. Their D is looking good. Romo is going to have a good year, their new head coach Wade Phillips seems pretty good.


Pats: :thup: 38
Cowboys: :thdn: 21

I think the Pats will choke. However its probably the safest bet that they will be hoisting the Lombardi come the new year.

Yeah, I gotta go with the Eagles, Dallas.

If you meant Dallas and Phillie in the Super Bowl, that's impossible because their both in th NFC.

Patriots and Saints in the SuperBowl, with the Saints winning a close one (as Randy Moss and Tom Brady would get into a huge debate during the game, completely shifting there attention away from football, lol)

The team i would really like to see there is Tenessee, but that probably wont happen for another few years.

I think It'll be either Cowboys 23 and Stealers 17

Or Stealers 35 and Chargers 23

Kinda wierd to predict that, but I just have a feeling

Second one is ipossible because both Steelers and Chargers are in the AFC.

well I don't know I don't watch the NFL that much

With the amount of money the Pats spent over the off-season, they better win the friggin' Super Bowl! :lol: :lol:

I'd like to see the Colts repeat, but I think we've lost too much on defence. We'll make the playoffs I'm sure, but that's about it.

The Saints had a miracle year with Brees and Bush, can they repeat? I have my doubts. They'll contend for the playoffs, but that's about it.

The Titans could do something. I said it from the beginning. Fisher is an idiot. The way he handled the QB situation was ridiculous. As soon as Young took the helms, they suddenly improved significantly, and finished 8-8. That's damn good, especially considering they started 0-5.