Super Bowl Plans

Anyone have any big Super Bowl plans for tomorrow?

I have most of my munchies and drinks picked up already... Bag of Cheetos, couple bags of Doritors, bag of Munchies Snack Mix, couple sixers of Blue.

Right now I'm just deciding what to get for dinner. I was thinking of getting a bunch of snacking foods, like those Jalapeno Poppers.

Since I don't particularly care about either time, I'll just be stuffing my face and getting drunk. :lol:

The last couple of years, we went to a local bar to watch the game, but now it seems my plans are up in the air for tomorrow. It just may be that I stay home and watch the game, maybe having a couple of cokes, with a few munchies. The pre-game is 5 hours and the game is 4 hours.. the thing that really bothers me is we don't get to watch the American commercials...

...gonna make wings and other assorted foodstuffs, and watch with hubby and the girls...nice and relaxing, and relatively pre-game watching for me, though - I have a life, and don't plan on spending it on a gazillion hours of warm-up...

I don't like that either. Last year when I watched it at my brother's place, he was able to find an American station (he obviously has a better plan than I :lol: ). I wish Canadians would put more of an effort into making at least halfway decent commercials. :lol:

How fast can you ship some of those wings here? :lol: I doubt I'll watch much of the pre-game. I'll probably tune in and out while doing other things.

My pregame will consist of watching the Bruins-Habs game tomorrow afternoon. It should be a dandy, especially with the Canadiens coming back to win this afternoon's game with the Kings. I might watch a bit of the pregame, maybe the last half-hour.

Pre-game, roomie and I will probably be watching the Cavaliers-Pistons game. In the line of eats, I'll be making nachos with a homemade attempt of salsa con queso, sliced jalapenos on the side. Roomie is also thinking of firing up the Foreman grill and doing some bratwurst on a bun (and he doesn't skimp on the sauerkraut).

That sounds tasty! (Well, not the sauerkraut. :lol: )

Finished buying my food tonight...

Got some Jalapeno Poppers, some Sausage Wraps, some Pizza Dippers, and a pepperoni pizza. :smiley:

My Superbowl plans were put to ruins this year with the graveyard shifts that I am working. I'm heading over to a buddies place to watch it, but anything more than 2 drinks is out of the question since I'll have to work later. Probably just pick up a pizza to throw in the over and some chips as ordering pizza will be a nightmare.

Saying home ordering a Pizza and Drinking Beer :rockin:

Moosemeat sausages with hoseradish~mustard and sauerkraut is the food of choice at MadJack's.

Oh........and yes, lots of beer available to wash down those moosemeat sausages...............

...thread has been cleaned up. Please keep appropriate to the topic, and keep anti-NFL opinions where they rightfully belong.

That sucks, Dust. But at least you get to catch the game. :slight_smile:

Moosemeat sausages... now that's interesting. Can't say I've had those before. :lol: Mustard and chopped onions are my toppings of choice for sausages.

Here's an article for you Super Bowl party people:

Watch out for these characters at the party

Well if you don't partake of sauerkraut, then I suppose mustard and onions is a fair substitute.

I'm a hunter, chief, so when I have ground meat (moose, venison, caribou) I always take it to these butchers I deal with just outside of Welland.............father and son team, they're German so they sure know their sausage. I usually have them make up bratwurst or oktoberfest sausages with my game meat....usually 70/30 blend with pork being the 30%.........if you made them all game meat they'd be as dry as sawdust since there's so little fat.

Good one !! Thanks.

What. nothing about the drunk fan? Every party has one! :lol:

But I love the bit about the CFL fan. Too true... :lol: I also laughed at the single girl. Last night when the Giants upset the Pats, I decided to head downtown and get drunker than I already was. There was some girl there running around in a Randy Moss jersey doing exactly what that article said. :lol:

I'll watch it untl I'm bored of it.