Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread

Only a certain percentage has to Canadian produced.

No need to sub any imports although other non English speaking countries have been known to insert their language on some shows.

At times the voiceover doesn’t match the actors.

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I’m not familiar with the specifics of CRTC Canadian content rules and am not sure if you are. Presumably the CFL qualifies as Canadian content under the broadcasting “ratio” rules. Rather than being to blame it may be that the CRTC rules actually are a saviour for the CFL as they force a certain amount of Canadian content to be broadcast and without that TSN wouldn’t be able to broadcast as much non Canadian television like the NFL, which it appears is their cash cow.

Sure they could broadcast a pickle ball tournament from Churchill, MB for Canadian content. but who would watch? The CFL is probably relatively cheap Canadian content that has a following and makes some kind of profit I expect. Meanwhile Sportsnet loses their financial shirt on their NHL broadcasts they grossly overpaid for.


Sports being played on Canadian soil counts as Canadian content. Regardless of nationality of players I believe.

Live or Live-to-Tape Productions of Sports Events

Live or live-to-tape productions of sports events or tournaments are considered Canadian if a Canadian production company exercises control over the production and provides the commentators. If the event takes place outside Canada, the production can qualify only if Canadian-based teams or athletes participate. In all cases, one of the major on-camera personalities (commentators, analysts or hosts) must be Canadian. Those who qualify receive a “C” number and are eligible for a 25% time credit.

One-quarter (25%) of the program time of broadcasts of sports events originating outside Canada that involve only non-Canadian teams or athletes is recognized as Canadian if a Canadian producer or production company provides commentary in a language other than English.


That is what I would think as well. So CFL is Canadian content and NFL is not.


That is correct I just posted the definition above.

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Some clarification is needed here. The streaming service Paramount+ itself is NOT profitable, but elements of Paramount the media company are profitable.

We have been watching other developments in progress in that industry as all the firms that have lost billions to date, such as Paramount+, are looking at business options other than hiking prices and slashing costs.

I am not sure if pro sports goes towards that content classified as Canadian.

The CRTC seems vague and anti competitive at times.

They are the ones who stopped the CBC from creating their own sports channel due to Rogers and Bell crying foul over possible financial advantages.

Maybe they were afraid the CBC could offer more in the long term for the CFL but that’s just speculation on my part.


There’s a very basic argument about whether the CBC should be using tax payers money to bid on sports rights.

Can’t imagine everyone would be happy with them spending $50-$50m / year bidding on the CFL.

Also the definition of sports for cancon from the CRTC website is above, I posted it in response to Jon.


Will be interesting how this Heritage Canada policy direction plays out with respect to Canadian content in the digital media environment.

“Canadian Heritage issues final policy direction to CRTC - The policy direction, which the CRTC is bound to follow, includes a call to prioritize the examination of its definition of Canadian programming.” … (Nov. 13/23)

Interesting how this media site, a site with both an American and Canadian head office, refers to the CRTC as outdated and comments on this policy directive:

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It’s all about advertising dollars.

Personally I believe the CBC needs to be privatised instead of getting cancelled like a Conservative Government is looking to do (defunding the CBC).

May have started with Stephen Harper.

Defunding the CBC is privatizing it. I don’t believe anyone credible is trying to eradicate the network, merely stop giving it billions of dollars for little benefit. If the CBC paid to wash its own face, I would have no problem with its existence.

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As long as they get rid of incompetent management it’s fine by me.

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I think calls to cancel the CBC started long before Harper. I also believe the question most asked is whether the CBC is worth saving in any form.

The CBC came into being eons ago in a 3 channel universe. It was a necessity at the time and it’s hard to overstate how much the CBC did culturally for Canadians for decades. For many years it had the most respected news program in the world, being The National. I remember when LLoyd Robertson defected from The National to the imitation and inferior CTV National News. It was a blow to the country. But of course times have changed and in a way that it would have been impossible for the original architects of the CBC to have envisioned.

It is a difficult question as to what to do about the CBC at present. Do we abandon the idea of a publicly owned independent (the CBC is not government controlled-just government funded) national broadcaster that can stand as a voice for the minority and stand up to dishonest corporate American and Canadian broadcasters such as Fox? This concept probably has majority appeal. If you leave the free market to determine who survives we of course will end up with one or maybe two national broadcasters, a place we would likely be at already if not for government regulation. Thank you Izzy Asper for giving us a 3rd animal that is still grazing on the plains.

Some think that the CBC no longer has any place in today’s world and that taxpayers shouldn’t spend another dime on them. Personally I think that is going too far. The argument against this is that all Canadians should be proud of and benefit from Canadian culture and arts and that this should be promoted. Not sure about that at government expense, but certainly they have a better argument than those in support of the CFL ratio rules, which are essentially the same two peas in a pod. Personally I think the CBC is important in order to promote independent and unbiased news reporting, which is virtually non existent today. I have no desire to be one of the sheeple listening to made up crap on Fox News, but then I long ago correctly concluded that was what was going on. Many, however can’t make that deduction and continue to subject themselves to Orwellian channels like Fox and actually believe what they hear on these propoganda channels that exist only to make money with the news being ancillary at best. The CBC probably remains the best and perhaps one of the only weapons against the age of Fake News led by and mastered by Fox News. I could support it’s continuing existence as a properly funded independent news channel.

There are some who would see the CBC return to it’s status of the 40’s and 50’s and that are in favour of turning back the clock and fully funding the CBC back to previous levels (adjusted for inflation) and ramping up their involvement in sports and the production of shows. I would have to think these are the vast minority and that this isn’t going to be a serious consideration for any politician. I mean, since maybe The Beachcombers has the CBC actually produced a memorable TV show that is worth watching and will be remembered by many? Maybe Dragon’s Den, but even that was an outright British rip off, just like Shark Tank is an outright rip off of Dragon’s Den, to the point of even sharing some of the same producers.

The BBC and CBC have a lot of similarities but were never exactly the same. From what I understand the publicly funded BBC is doing quite a bit better these days than the CBC. I would appreciate it if any of our British members can offer further insight as to the evolution of the BBC and it’s status today. Unfortunately we never had Richard Attenborough to help popularize our network. there are also some similarities between the CBC and PBS in the states, although less so. PBS is also publicly funded but generally through private donations, although some public monies and tax credits help to support the network. PBS also doesn’t produce original shows outside of the odd Wayne’s World type show, but it does appear to be the only source for watching Fawlty Towers over the air for free so that alone makes the network worth mentioning. If the CBC survives it will likely be more as a niche product, perhaps focussed on news and I can’t see how bidding for the right to produce or broadcast professional hockey or football will ever be part of the CBC mandate again.

This discussion is of course now way off topic and I was reminded of a past thread on the CBC which is linked below. If there is a will to discuss this further I would move it to that topic thread and might anyway when I have a chance later to review as lunch hour is over.

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For some reason, I feel like you should not only officiate such proceedings, but you should determine the appropriate punishment for any and all failures too.

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Shooting at the KC Superbowl rally today

Looks like the 49’ers defensive coordinator has been fitted with then goat horns for losing on Sunday. Obviously makes no sense but they can do what they want I suppose.

possible a knee jerk reaction, but I really didnt like the way they played D on the last 2 drives by KC

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Never understood the senseless shooting.

Does take away from celebration.

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