Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread

That’s what I think. I think they’d go with Sam DArnold, journeyman, drafted QB etc.

If Shanahan thinks he can recreate another Garappolo/Purdy that’s what they’ll do.

Yeah, that’s called YOUR OWN FAULT… I would think you would at LEAST make a note to read if there are special rules in effect in the playoffs and Superbowl. So if you got there you could review them and understand them.

The big problem for the 49ers is most of their offence runs through 3 guys - Kittle, Samules, McCaffrey. The 4 games they lost were while 2 of the three were hurt.

That’s too thin a thread for success - as we saw yesterday.


I think that be true to some degree for most teams

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…but not for KC. That’s why they won. 49ers did their best to make KC play small ball by not blitzing and compromising coverage, and in the end, failed. Because even doing that KC was taking advantage of them and scored two uncontested touchdowns in the second half.

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didnt hurt their cause with SF playing a stupid prevent type D on the last drive.

KC did what they had to when it counted most. However, I look at their +/- of only 77 compared to the top 3, including SF, above 190, during the reg season. It says something to me.

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Mentioned here that I wasn’t into the halftime Usher etc. music, I much prefer the music of a band like Green Day, but hey, I’m an old you-know-what and the performance received excellent reviews, one below for example by Entertainment Weekly. I see the SB also broke a record for most watched telecast of all-time, surely the Taylor factor being one of the major factors in that I wouldn’t doubt.

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A few more ppl watched down south….


agree to some extent…but to be sure, the playoffs aint the regular season. It certaiy was not left to chance as to why KC won that game

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Quoted for truth. That is exactly where it’s at.


For interest in the halftime show whether for the performance or for the mere spectacle, here’s a great and brief video on how it’s done and why over the years.

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True on that note RedandWhite - 10 million viewers in Canada on TSN, CTV and RDS.


One of the best Superbowls ever in terms of edge of the seat excitement.
Even the viewers that had no interest in the half time show still liked the game for how entertaining it was.


Great for the sport of football for an entertaining game and add-ons like Taylor Swift to bring in more viewers. This is a must for the sport played at the highest level to be relevant and relevant for a younger audience. It will be interesting what the World Cup final games and the final of course when played in the U.S. and Canada will get for viewership but I suppose it makes a huge difference what teams make it to the final 8 - 4 - 2.

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It shows that Bell cares more about the NFL than the CFL.

Put the Grey Cup on CTV and it might make a difference.

It’s all protecting their NFL investment. We don’t even know how much they actually paid the NFL to broadcast their content on their various platforms.


Actually, I think Canadian sports viewers in general care more about the NFL than the CFL, and Bell is simply a reflection of that.

Surely a business, especially a large corporation, is motivated by the bottom line. If the tall foreheads thought broadcasting the CFL on the main network would be more lucrative, then they would do it.


Just finished watching.

Nail biter and a great defensive battle.

I really wish the CFL would interpret and call PI the same way they do down south. Receiver vs. DB battles are great to watch ehen the DB isn’t hog-tied and can actually defend.


I think some them don’t even know the CFL exists.

Again you’re talking about a corporation that every year around their let’s talk campaign enjoys laying off people.

They did shut down TSN 1040 abruptly and fired Lisa Laflamme because of her gray hair.

Plus the CFL is under valued at the moment.

The CFL’s future is bleak without another media partner to negotiate with.

They will renew with TSN as there’s no other option.


Looking at the NFL ratings on TSN, CTV/TSN must be making a lot of money. The ratings on average are twice as high as the CFL. It never used to be that high, but it changed about five years ago.
It all comes down to the young demographic, tbey love the NFL and do not identify at all with the CFL, which they see as minor league

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It’s reflective of Bell not promoting the CFL as much as the NFL.

With Edmonton looking to privatize things might look up in terms of a profile in the city.

Seems to be working in Vancouver and Montreal and hopefully in Toronto.


They’re promoting what sells. If a store’s customers want to buy tshirts, there’s not much point in stocking sweaters.

The failure is on the CFL for allowing their product to become irrelevant largely through neglect and taking their customers for granted.

The networks are in the business of selling advertising. Period. They will broadcast whatever show has the biggest net difference between cost and revenue (aka profit).

It’s incumbent upon the league to make their product as marketable as possible so that it is as lucrative for advertisers, and therefore networks.

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