Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread

49ers QB has been a starter for all of 12 minutes. This got him to the SuperBowl. He is going to be one of the all time greats. He just has to hope he don’t play Mahomes in the Bowl game for the next three years


Well for God’s sake, does the coaching staff have feed these babies their pablum too.
How can you play a game and not know the basic rules
No wonder they lost


Nick Bosa disrupted the KC offense
Chris Jones disrupted the SF offense

KC needed a muffed punt to score their only TD in regulation.

The KC defense was getting gashed by McCaffrey left right and centre and when it mattered more than once, they held.

That was a great defensive game, both ways.


Huge TV numbers in Canada


Could MacCaffrey, after yesterday, think about a possible move to a team with a better chance of winning the SB?

who would that be??

haha honestly… I don’t know, Ravens maybe? Bills? Detroit and take the Barry Sanders legacy? I mean, it would be nice to discuss who is currently the best and most solid team in the NFL after the Chiefs, because I don’t think SF is.

At the moment I would still think that the Ravens are the most solid. I dont put any other team ahead of 49ers. Detroit is set at RB I think. Possibly Dallas needs him the most of possible contending teams?

You also need a team with the cap room to take on his contract. Good luck with that.

As long as Purdy is making very little, SF is the place for him (at least one more season).

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Best team doesnt always win the SB. They have equal chance as anybody, except maybe Balt

I don’t think there is a team with a better chance of winning the Super Bowl next year. The 49’ers have already been listed as the favourites by sports books if you wanted to bet today. Probably only Dallas could match the 49’ers as far as personnel goes and look how far that got them. As pointed out above, Purdy has one year left on his rookie contract which is 4 years at $3.7 million or less than a million a year. Don’t forget he was the last player drafted in his year. Two years from now he is expected to make closer to $50 million per year, which will cost the 49’ers several other players from their roster. So the 49’ers have one more year left on their window and McCaffrey couldn’t find a better situation anywhere else it would appear.

Plus they lost the Super Bowl to a legend and budding GOAT by 3 points in OT. True they weren’t dominant in the playoffs like they were at times earlier in the year, but they still made it to the big show and almost won it.


Let us pause for a moment of silence

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Or note the debate above, I would say fix the tight end position and execution in the passing game for the 49ers, and we have I think the likely gamechanger all else about the same but for some special teams play that has to be shored up.

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Interesting point you make about Purdy.
I really believe that Kyle Shanahan thinks he can “call his way” out of trouble. They drafted Lance (he wanted Mac Jones), they went with Purdy, and they let the OLine suffer in exchange for weapons and players on D.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Purdy is not the 49ers QB in 2 years, or gets franchise tagged a couple times. I think if they had to choose McCaffrey or Purdy they’re taking McCaffrey every time.

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I’d go the opposite here if that’s their choice, for Purdy is already a solid starting quarterback for that offence and younger.

McCaffrey will be 28 this summer. Statistically on average, running backs have until that wall of age 30 before teams look at younger options even when things are about equal at the running back position, for then they start looking at the salary cap harder for cuts.

Whereas age 30 is “old” in NFL terms for a running back and certain other positions, age 30 is still young for the accomplished quarterback.

Well you know the 49’ers better than me, but moving on from Purdy is hard to imagine at this point. I’m not sure who they have waiting in the wings any longer since they divested themselves of Lance and Garofalo.

This type of situation hurts many teams. Dallas is now cooked with Prescott set to make gazillions. Probably the Jets too with Rodgers contract as I believe they had lots of players on low salaries this year, but the financial honeymoon is now over I have read.

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What I’m suggesting has nothing to do with Purdy and more about Lynch/Shanahan.

I just don’t think they want to pay any QB $40-$50m.

Then what? Find that next Brock Purdy for cheap, which now every single other GM is trying to do as if “there must be another unknown Tom Brady of the future out there too!?”

Even Deion said as much next week for the successor for his son.

Certainly teams are prudent to invest in the very best scouting and scouts along with unprecedented analytic modeling as part of decisions as opposed to the already antiquated mere NFL Combine and draft process,
but if they want to opt for that strategy more than paying a solid starting quarterback at least those amounts in the modern NFL making record sums of revenue, well have it with a very risky strategy that might even be riskier even with all the resources at hand nowadays.


No you don’t, but there is Rodgers, Prescott, Watson, Burrow, Allen, Stafford, Hurts and Herbert (off the top of my head) that are either making in that range or close to it or will be soon. Maybe Goff as well and Tua coming.

I remember reading that even franchising a QB would cost north of $30 million in the last year or two, although I don’t claim to know how that works or is determined.

So Purdy would be north if $30 million even if franchised and more likely he would be signed for closer to $50 million. Arguably no one deserves that kind of money but Purdy deserves it more than Watson.

So after next year San Fran won’t be able to pay a bunch of players they can now or they trade for someone else or spin the wheel on a backup/journeyman if you are correct. I would have to think that dumping Purdy for money reasons after playing for relative peanuts wouldn’t sit well with their fan base so it would be a pretty ballsy move to say the least.

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