Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread


Shanahan said after the game they wanted the ball on the 3rd possession when it becomes sudden death. The D had just been on the field for a 80 yd drive and was tired.

SF had 2nd and 4 from the 9 yard line - they needed a TD and Kyle knew they needed a TD to get the exact scenario they wanted.

As I Niners fan I was miffed at the time, but when he gave the explanation it makes sense to me.
If Mahomes gets the ball in a Sudden Death situation the game is over anyways.

For what it’s worth Andy Reid said he would have done the same thing.

“Knowing what you need” makes sense in the NCAA/CFL when there’s no sudden death. But when you think about it, Shanahan believes they can score a TD and get exactly what they wanted (the ball in sudden death) and they were 4 yards from getting it.


Huge defensive struggle and a very exciting game.
Usually those two things are not meantuoned in the same phrase.


I would have passed out. :wink:


You we’re right, it was a barn burner . There were no losers in this game . It reminded me of earlier in the day when Nick Taylor edged Charley Hoffman at the Phoenix Open . Overtime was needed and both players played wonderful golf as did the Chiefs and the Niners hours later . What a great day for sports fans .


49ers players say they didn’t know Super Bowl overtime rules

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I think the 49ers will be shopping for a new tight end so as to try to take that offense to the next level. They are not the same without a strong tight end to complement the other guys getting the ball.

Maybe Kittle re-emerges healthy next season so as to be a threat like he was until 2022.

Kittle led the NFL in receiving.

Crazy. Shows the difference between Reid and Shanahan.

Not sure how much it really matters in the grand scheme of things but it speaks to the attention to detail Reid put in vs Shanahan.

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I’m assuming you mean for Tight Ends? I’m pretty sure that Hill and Lamb had better seasons receiving.

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Yes, sorry.
He was #1 in TE receiving, he was All Pro at the position and ranked #1 in PFF run blocking, pass blocking and over all TEs.

Arguably his best season. He was easily the best TE in football this year.

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But look how Kittle played in the playoffs.

Though hitting his blocks, he was not the receiving threat he was earlier in the regular season at all.

I think his virtual absence from the passing game was a key difference, with nobody taking his full place. Now either he will be back healthy, or the 49ers have to find somebody who can do so.

As for your claim otherwise, I think you mean for the tight end position, Kittle lead the league in receiving for tight ends and not simply the NFL in receiving.

Here are the regular season receiving statistics. Kittle is #24:

He was not even in the top five in the postseason.

Here I don’t agree either unless perhaps you are measuring simply on a statistic. Due to late injury, Kittle had a far better 2022 season overall.

Kelce was the best tight end this season. It was not even close.


What else can you measure? He’s #1 in almost everything measurable.

KC took away TEs all post season, took away both Likely and Andrews against Baltimore. They were great against TEs.

I promise you they won’t be looking for another TE.

I told you already - peformance in the playoffs too.

But he was hurt.

I promise you they will do so because Kittle will be 31 before too long, and he has plenty of game when healthy but teams are often looking forward.

They are going to have to groom somebody for that offense in case he is hurt again.

That fullback alone won’t fit the bill either though is a solid player.

Nope, sorry, the entire tight end future of the 49ers does not rest on Kittle. I don’t agree.

Now it’s up to Kittle to show he can be better than Kelce for the entire season or not.

It does show the better attention to detail by Reid over Shanahan as you say.

But as to actual coaching, I don’t see much of a difference and if anything would argue that Shanahan out coached Reid in game. He made a gutsy 4th down call which ended up giving them a critical extra 4 points, which would have been a terrible call if they didn’t make it. Fine line and all that. Reid made I thought a series of tepid 3rd and short calls throughout the game, most of which were unsucccessful or even lost yards. he also made the #1 gaffe which I called in game. In the 3rd quarter the Chiefs appeared to have been robbed of a first down via ball placement. The announcers were surprised Reid didn’t challenge. If he thought it was too close to challenge then fine, but instead he called and burned a time out and still didn’t challenge. Clearly he was overwhelmed by the moment and his failure to make a decision either way cost KC a timeout they never should have burned unless it was burned on a challenge.

As to the decision to accept the ball in OT instead of kick it, that is what the majority of coaches, including Andy Reid, would have done. Potentially some advantage in going second and knowing what is needed, but a huge advantage getting the ball first in sudden death if tied after two possessions. Nothing to see there.


As I had said a number of times
“It was a very sloppily played game”
By both the Players and the Coaches on both teams
The Grey Cup kicked it’s butt

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It wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch, bit I didn’t see it being quite as sloppy as you did. There were some turnovers and fumbles that appeared to result from nerves as much as anything. The first half was worse and the ending was excellent. Let’s not forget that we watched two of the best defences in the league and that sometimes they will make the offence look bad.

I don’t see the need to compare it to the Grey Cup as they are different games and each exciting in their own right, but that all depends on the year. Except for one blocked kick yesterday the kickers were parsecs better than the kickers you will ever see in a Grey Cup game, making kicks from well over 55 yards that would have been good from 65-70 yards. You will never ever see that in a CFL game and I remember vividly the horror show kicking display put on by Liegghio two years ago. That was sloppy, including two blocked kicks in the last few minutes, one by each team. It is also refreshing to watch a game where there is excellent flow since the time between plays is always the same, instead of being anywhere from 40-90 seconds. And no queries as to who dropped the clock on it’s head with three minutes left and what suddenly happened to the timing rules?

I know Grover that you like both leagues as do I, but I will defend the NFL (especially on an NFL thread) against an attack saying the CFL is better, more exciting or whatever and would do the same if the CFL was attacked by someone saying the NFL is better. I find them both equally entertaining in spite of the fact the NFL has far superior players, but they are far different leagues.


In no way did I attack the NFL or say the CFL was better
I thought the CFL Championship was a much better played game
than the mistake filled game by both teams this weekend
Saying that, I enjoyed the game because of the closeness of the score