Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread


Now whoever wins the toss has a chance.

First possession a D touchdown wins if I am not mistsken

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They both get a possession no matter what so you can’t win it if you win the coin toss any longer. Recent rule change as a result of KC/Buffalo playoff game and different OT rules than the regular season.


Yep. Any defensive points wins it so a safety as well.


If I not mistaken they changed the ot rule in which each team is guaranteed a possession.

This was a result of the 2021 div round between the Bills and Chiefs.


Still Reid is a master of clock management…KC always has time for the last drive in regulation…

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Alright my bet is alive again!

I need the over to hit so I need:

49ers TD + PAT
Chiefs TD + PAT
49ers win

I parlayed the 49ers winning and hitting the over.

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Huge defensive penalty gives SF a first down. It wasn’t looking good until then.

Critical defense holding penalty on KC

Didn’t realize you were making that same point as I was typing.

You’re so quick at it.

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Big stop on 3rd down by KC forces SF to kick a 27 yarder to go up by 3. Mahomes can win it with a TD or tie it with a FG to send it to sudden death. A turnover is game over. Place your bets.


Big play by Patrick

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And another boneheaded play by Valdez-Scantling.

You know it

No Snak-in-the-Box w/ Tay Tay tonite (ie.Collaros)???

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Another first then missed I thought. Are they asleep in the booth?

Super Bowl Final in OT

San Francisco 22
Kansas City 25


Can you imagine if the game would end on a fumble touchback through the end zone?

But no. KC wins. Congrats.

Well played exciting game.

Mahomes the G.O.A.T

He’s getting there. Would prefer him over Brady. Give it a bit more time.