Super Bowl LVIII - Feb.11 Game Day Thread

The 2024 NFL Championship Game is set to be played on February 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. Two teams - San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs will battle each other for the right to hoist The Vince Lombardi🏆Trophy. In all wellness, cheers to all fans and enjoy Super Bowl LVIII.

Opening odds: -2.5 San Francisco

Game start time - 3:30 PM Pacific Time


San Fran already down to -1. Wouldn’t be surprised if KC is favoured by kickoff.

87% of money already on KC.


Latest odds at Draftkings: San Francisco (-1.5

this just about says it for me

NFL fans collectively groaned about Chiefs-49ers being the Super Bowl 58 matchup no one wanted (

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Most expensive superb owl ever to attend…

There seems to be discussion every year and sometimes even a thread about the half time show. Details just released for this year’s act.

Meh. No interest to me. Arguably this may be the first year I can remember where the Grey Cup half time show had a better act than the Super Bowl half time show.

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I honestly thought that when they announced this guy that he was the one who was the big Raptors fan . Yup that’s right I got him mixed up with the Drake . I can also honestly say that I haven’t heard or know of a single song that either of them actually does . As for watching him perform ? No thank you , I will spend the time walking my dog before getting another cold one from the fridge for the 2nd half .


Yes, I agree and no better than the last few Super Bowl shows. The Rap “all stars” or the Drake or the Wknd.
It’s all for the young people.
I wonder if we will see a white player kneel when they play the black anthem.

Black anthem ? So does that make the regular anthem the white anthem then ?

You guys have a take here like Usher is a brand new or relatively new artist. He’s been at it since the 1990s. Now you might not like him or his music, but get off this “brand new act” or “only those young people” and other antics already, for you are well out of your league in that regard too.

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Okay , question here…when you say ‘you guys’ who exactly are you referring to ?

I would go with every comment critical of him beyond merely “well, I don’t care for his music.”

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Oh okay , that’s good then , it doesn’t include me . All I said was that I honestly got him mixed up with Drake and that halftime for me is when I usually take the dog for her walk .

I don’t know why you repeated yourself. It was evident what you said the first time.

If you say so in your imagination too, I am good with that. Go on with that too.

Start with @Jon 's harsh but fair comment, and go down and any copycats. You are welcome.

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In my imagination ?!? Hey I’m serious here , my dog likes going for her nightly walks anywhere around 8:00 and 8:30 which is where I figure halftime will probably land . As for being welcome ? well no problem and thank you I guess ? Enjoy the halftime show .

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Tough day Paolo?


One of my favourite movies of all-time there! No, not tough, and definitely not even close to as tough as that Thanksgiving Dinner went for him and Charlie.