Super Bowl Half-time (and game)

Thought Adam Sandler, Jr. (aka Maroon 5) did an OK job w/ half-time festivities. Certainly not a Top 5, even 10 show but overall OK and mistake-free.

They should have let the choir-lady do a couple more - she was killing it out of the park.

Big-Boi and unnecessary intervention.

As for game - both Brady & Goff are off their marks.

Still 30 min. + potential OT left.

Nantz & Romo are totally out of synch.

Both guys trying to be pros - trying to save a broadcast thats headed out of control but its ending up with two guys talking over each other, and neither of them have any relevant content.

3-0 at the half, Super dud! :-[

Maroon 5

Patriots 3

Rams 0

Yes. A dud and a half. Worst SuperBowl in decades.

After 3 quarters it’s a 3 - 3 tie ???

This game needs a rouge and maybe some snow! :wink:

Pats starting to roll


Bellichick is a friggin’ MONSTER!

Marken Michel: Grey Cup champion

Sony Michel: Super Bowl champion.

a super disappointment.

I was prepared for the Pats to win, but I expected something along the line of 43-33. This game sucked.

I blame Trump

''However, when it comes to ratings,Super Bowl LIIIis not one anyone’s going to want to brag about.
Shown onCBSfor the first time since 2016 and with ad spots going for around $5 million each, the Rams’ loss scored a 44.9/68 in metered market results.

To put that in the starkest light of day, that’s a dip of just over 5.2% from the big NFL battle of February 4, 2018 on NBC in the first round of ratings. On a larger playing field and amidsta call for a boycott of the gamedue to the league’s “racist? treatment of Colin Kaepernick, that metered market result for yesterday’s game is the worst the Super Bowl has done in the early numbers since the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals on February 1, 2009.


The lowest rated Super Bowl in eight years in the early metrics, last year’s Philadelphia Eagles’ victory 41-33 over the Patriots ended up with 103.4 million viewers,a nine-year low– so far.’’

Surprisingly the Super Bowl was the second highest rated ever on RDS averaging 982,000 viewers.

Just over 4.3 million watched on the actual CTV feed. Anybody watching the CBS channels up here (like me) were not counted.

That combined CTV and RDS number of 5.3 million is up 17.7% from last year.