Super Bowl Commercials

Two commercials stood out for me. The NFL 100 was brilliant . All the old and new stars were high lighted and of course Marshawn Lynch, my imaginary nephew, was the catalyst to the chaos that ensued. It is a must see !

The Washington Post’s Democracy Dies in Darkness, narrated by Tom Hanks was a fitting tribute to journalism and to those who have given their lives to “truth telling”.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I too thought they were fabulous. Best part of the whole telecast.

Wonder how different the game would have been with the Saints playing.

@canadianfootballfan Since you didn’t comment, can I assume you’re suggesting that my thread should be on another part of the CFL site? Maybe you were simply adding to the info from the 2 threads on our TiCat site today . If it’s the latter, then thanks for the help. If it’s the former, then you know the drill and thanks for your help. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Well… these NFL/Super bowl threads have nothing to do with the CFL or the Ticats, so I was simply spoon-feeding a link of where it would be more appropriate. I thought maybe you all were not aware of it.

People need to remember that we do not have any right to use this place. It is a private forum of which the use of is offered to us as a courtesy. So with that in mind… we should respect every single guideline, as we are guests here after all.

As many of you know… I’m a former cop and soldier, and therefore a stickler for rules. It’s what I do… The mods are volunteers, so maybe don’t cause a bunch of extra work for them cleaning up all the guideline breaking mess.

I am in no way trying to enforce any rules myself, but rather reminding violators of the rules. Simply out of respect for the forum and mods. This is their home, and we should act accordingly.

And, my friend, this is also a community. One of an odd sort, perhaps, but a community nonetheless. (There's some really great sociological research into this.*)

Most people here also perceive it as a form of community. You, it would seem, do not. You see it as somebody's else's living room into which we have been invited to chat based upon firm rules. That's certainly a possible take.

But you see the potential for conflict.

A community cannot ignore the topic that is on everyone's mind. For example, let us say that you were raised with the rule to never discuss politics and religion. And then a surprise news story came out that the pope had Canadian citizenship, had joined the NDP, and was running a takedown campaign on Jasmeet Singh so that His Eminence could run for Prime Minister. Might you break your rule on discussing politics and religion with other people?

So it is with a huge event like the Superbowl, or Christmas Day, or a tragedy somewhere. The community wants to consider it - even if briefly - because it is important RIGHT THEN. The finesse comes in knowing when an outside topic is taken too far and needs to be on another board.

At least I am guessing that's the way the majority of people on these boards might see things.

All the best.

My original point stands… there is a dedicated area of these CFL forums to talk about other leagues. This specific section we’re in is for the Ticats.

You have to be a special kind of lazy to not want to make a couple clicks to make your post in the appropriate part of this forum.

I personally come here to be part of the fan culture, but find the unruly nature and general disregard for guidelines that a handful of posters have here less than desirable. If people don’t like the guidelines here they could easily start their own forum and do whatever they want on it. But when someone else pays the bills that isn’t an option, even though a few here think it is.

Interesting. Would we all still have an inherent right to post on the new forum?

Speaking of which … Mark, I was wondering about the relationship between rights and responsibilities. Does the existence of the former automatically result in the latter?

I liked the GM Oshawa workers add against greedy GM for leaving all its Canadian workers without jobs for cheap Mexican workers. After the Canadian tax payers bailed their greedy GM asses out of bankruptcy for millions of dollars. >:( >:( >:(

In Ethics, the very concept of rights sprang from the duties we owe each other.* So the sequence is reversed from that of your question.

*Good old almost incomprehensible Immanuel Kant.

GM’s rebuttal today certainly lacked coherency.

Since you have summarily dismissed my earlier reply, may I ask you exactly why you think somebody is choosing to ‘pay the bills’ for this site.

It certainly is not out of sheer altruism. The league expects a return on its investment. In this case it is not in direct income. However, it is done to raise fan interest. It is promotion… a form of advertising.

They actually WANT the majority of people to like the site.

MIGHT your own emphasis on rigidity of structures actually make this a less
enjoyable place for the majority of posters.

Not you. I get that. I think that most of us get that. But as you do realize, I know, most people do not think like you. The league may not be as much on your side as you imagine.

The question for all of us is, “Are we brave enough to attempt to understand the perspective of another before we condemn.” If we so try, then the condemnation - if deserved - is far more likely to be heard and even respected

The league will be busy for a bit adjudicating that other fellow's demand for all the Ignorant people to be banned from the site. (That thread seems to have vanished.)

I'm not sure we want to force them to judge both the Ignorant and the Rule-Breakers at the same time. Best deal with the offending groups in order. And once the Forum Participation Issue has been resolved, hopefully they can turn their full attention to the CBA negotiations.

If I fully understood this rebuttal, it would surely be scathing.

Exactly Mark. CFF acts as if the league is doing us fans a favour with these forums when it is actually the other way around. The forum is a tool to help keep fans engaged and interested which ultimately results in revenue for the league.

By the way CFF. I invited the forum into MY living room. I have it up on my plasma right now. If I become disenchanted because I was banned for posting in a Super Bowl thread then all I have to do is shut it off my TV and not give the league another dime. So once again, who is doing who a favour?

naaah, if that were true they would not ban politics and religion and such :slight_smile:

Yes... just as you keep ignoring the fact that there is an area here on the CFL forums where these threads are totally allowed, yet people still don't post it there.

If one cannot make a couple clicks to get to the right place then I would wonder how they can even lift food to their mouth to stay alive.

the thing is, I believe this forum was separate from the forums long time before it was joined into the forums and many long term ticat fans still haven’t got used to the idea. I believe many still sign on thru and only look at this forum.


either that, or they just think they are privileged :slight_smile:

By the way... I'm not always calling people out for bad things. I call people out for good things also -