Super Bowl 56 Game Thread

I haven’t see a thread for the big game yet so I am creating this one, even though I will be mostly absent as a result of what passes for attending a SB party in pandemic times. Myself and several others have expressed a desire for NFL playoff games to be as good as the previous ones and so far that has worked, so I will do so again.

any special superbowl meals?

We usually have homemade chili, but today we going to go with Boston Pizza

I always make a big pot of spaghetti for both Super Bowl and Grey Cup. Just putting the finishing touches on it. Coincidentally someone is picking up cactus cuts from Boston Pizza as a snack. Love those, especially the dip.

Home made nachos, chili and pizza from one of our local pizza restaurants.


Had homemade nachos yesterday. One of my faves.

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My son’s girlfriend made the nachos.

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$10 million just won on the coin toss.


Just saw a commercial of a pregnant young lady drinking an alcoholic beverage. Background music with the lyrics of "breakin' the law".


Well no blowout either way at the half. 13-10 Rams even though they appeared to control much of the first half, especially the first quarter. Losing Beckham will certainly hurt. Looking like another potential barnburner.

Defensive, Bengals with that first possession cost them but they came back.

Halftime music so far, puke crap, I have to mute it actually it's so bad. But hey, I guess this is the "new music", whatever. Garbage. Never CFL do this, pleeeeeease.


Bengals win second half 24 - 10 or 17 - 3

Halftime show reminds me of a professionally designed fish tank setup -- if the fish don't have bright colors (low quality singers, etc. like in this Super Bowl show), make sure the lighting and gravel are neon. If the fish are bright you can have drab looking gravel and lighting.

This is definitely a bright gravel/neon situation for this year's halftime show.

The female singer in the white outfit has a huge a__.

The miniature white box structures look like Barbie doll houses.

The gal with the big butt is moving around but not singing. No one is singing... no four part harmony. They're just trash talking (I think they're trash talking) to piano banging cords.

Having a Canadian takeout with Mary Brown's Chicken


WOW!!!! face mask grab TD!!!!

Rams promptly throw INT on first play

OPI. Not favouring any team but that TD was bogus!

Agree. But that is part of the game...human error. And human error in not using video to spot that face mask...assuming that's reviewable.

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