Super Bowl 41 Predictions!

Who will win? Tell me why you think they will win. And also guess the score. Also Who will be MVP?

I personally think it will be the Colts by the way. Peyton Manning is my reason.


I think Joseph Addai will be MVP.

27-13 Colts. Bears great defence, terrible QB though, that's what I think the difference will be.

MVP, not sure. I'll go with Payton though.

Colts 35 Bears 17

Bears 31-27, Devin Hester as MVP.

Bears will win because they will create turnovers and Hester will have a big special teams day.

Chicago will win by 2 on a Manning safety.! :cowboy:

the BC lions!

I hate to brag,(yeah right),but if you check out the Colts or Bears thread you'll see that I came closest to the final score.(31-16).As to the WHY?,well I only got a bit of that and I didn't take a guess at the MVP at all.The only thing that disgusts me is that I didn't make any money on the game,partly because I honestly thought the game could go ANY which way,and partly because the odds were too low on a pick a team basis.I bet that the first score would be a safety by either team,(damn you Hester!),and that ANY punt return would gor for a lousy,stinking,rotten19 yards.(Double damn you Hester!)Why'd you call for the fair catch on the last punt of the game?Thinking of next season,huh?Contract negotiations perhaps?You shoulda RAN WITH THE BALL MAN!So who cares that you woulda got schmucked?!That was money in the bank already man!You OWE me Devin! Only kidding....partly...