Much like my Drew Willy post, it is good to have two QBs to pick from. Sunseri looked good out there in BC. On sports age that talked about how bad he looked previously when he went in for DD this year. Really, they thought garbage time was a true indication of what he could do? Not impressed with that lack of vision from our radio experts.

These guys are pros, they practice every week, they have been playing since they were kids. Like the coach says, they next guy up has to be able to play. Why would that be different for a QB?

I was very pleased to see him get so real chance at being our QB. It is always good to have two or more QBs to choose from. DD will be back and motivated to show us what he has. This is all good stuff.

Sorry, Sunseri looked plain bad in pre-season, and there was some risk he might get bumped to #3. It wasn't his passing so much as the extreme pocket jitters and fear of releasing. That said, we all know a few weeks of practice can go a long way, and I am glad it did. I will say there was one ball he threw into coverage that he probably shouldn't happens. That was the one where Getz made the huge adjustment. Definitely has to be a huge confidence boost for Tino, staff, players and fans. He looked night and day better...especially when you saw the look of shock in his face when DD said he couldn't go...not prepping him may have been orchestrated so that he didn't have time to think about it too long.

Huge kudos to Cortez for stunning the BC D by immediately opening him up!

Said exactly what I would have only better. :thup:

While I will agree he did far better then I thought lets be honest here. Nobody has seen much film on him from the opposition point of view. He totally caught the Lions napping on the first play with chucking that bomb to Bagg. Even though the catch wasn't made it no doubt got the defense thinking. First of all they were 100% committed to that being a run play,second of all the fact not only did he show he can throw the ball but it was bang on the money. The defensive coordinator for the Lions must have been thinking when he saw that pass, "holy crap this kid can throw" and I think it really helped to loosen up the defensive scheme from there on. No longer could they just jam the line and not cover deep as it was shown that yes he can accurately chuck the ball. Now had he missed Bagg by a mile then that would have also had an effect but instead of worrying about the deep route they would probably be thinking heck he can throw it far but can't hit the broads side of a barn, so keep defending the run. Yes the drop was too bad as it was an easy 7 on the board but don't kid yourself the shock value of seeing him have the guts to throw it and to do it accurately was almost as effective. It opened holes for the run game that weren't there in the first half once the run was starting to be effective that open the passing game more.

Having said that like Willy as more game film is seen more get to know his tendencies. Sunseri is no different from any qb that no one has knowledge of. Yes they may have a few good games until the recognitions are made but that will only get you so far and then you get to see if the guy has the talent to change things up and to adapt to what the defense is doing instead of the other way around.
Time will tell what we have in Sunseri as a number two. I do hope that he does get a chance to see more action and get familiar with reading defenses. It can only pay dividends in the future.

Of course as footage increases on any player teams become more prepared...totally agree...the point was looking at him in that game compared to pre-season action...night and day.

This. ^ Or even his spot duty in the regular season. You use the same word that I would - jittery. Just not comfortable in the pocket. Indecisive. We saw none of this on Sunday and that's the most important thing. He was completely comfortable at the controls while under fire.

Certainly opponents have scant little film on him for tendencies this is totally true, but the big surprise of the Bagg bomb was not that the kid could throw far - no QB would ever make a pro roster if he couldn't chuck it 50-60 yards minimum regardless of accuracy - but the fact that Cortez would have that in Sunseri's package and in there right off the bat too. Normally when an inexperienced QB comes into the game unplanned the playbook is simplified, 90% of the time the first play is a draw. And when a receiver is THAT wide open you don't need to hit a barn. You can miss him by 15 yards and he'll get under it or he can't call himself a receiver. That play was a statement and it read "Yea, he's not our ace but he has the same weapons and a green light to pull any trigger he wants so back the f@#$ off!"

Is it just me or is Sunseri a Carey Price look-alike ?

Just you. I don't see it.

I said last year I thought Sunseri has more upside then Willy. Only time will tell I guess.

If DD continues to be flat do they give Sunseri a Quarter of play? They didn't do that when Willy was here.

I'm thinking dressier will improve the situation in a couple of games.

Durant is not flat.

Yes he is. He is not playing as well as last year. Not one game this year with over 300 yards of throwing. Taj has been flat, Getz has been flat. Bagg us working inside to help and is our go yo guy. Not so much last year when 3guys had 1000 yd seasons. Running game has saved us this year.

No he is not. All you can quote are stats. That means that you are not watching the games or do not know how to assess his play when watching. If you watch the games you will see that he is playing very sound fundamental football, standing tall in the pocket, moving when he needs to, keeping his eyes downfield, throwing it away when he needs to, connecting 2nd and longs, and picking his spots for some huge key runs when the team needs it most. He's been excellent.

In years past he would throw a couple of picks and all we hear is Durant is an athletic QB who doesn't read well, locks in on receivers and makes poor decisions. Now he hasn't thrown a pick in a month and he's flat. Can't please 'em either way. It's all baloney. Let 'em hate. Chew on 6 straight wins.

Getz hasn't been that flat either, maybe a little but he's only played 5 games. Either way, it's only a point in favor of Durant's production.

Taj played well before that night in Ottawa, lately he seems distracted. Again, another point in favor of Durant's play.

Durant hasn't had the same 5 guys to throw to in back to back games all year. And as long as the run game keeps producing on first down, he won't have to throw that much, which is the main reason that his yardage is low in the first place. It's a ball protection offense that runs on first down, but like Chamblin said the other day, "on second down we throw just like everyone else."

Hmm six wins in a row and how many picks in that time one. maybe two? Sure the numbers show that passing is down but so what no turnovers that I can recall in the last 4 games for sure. Is it exciting? Not so much but it is effective. The offense put up over 30 points against a fairly good defense when it took the defense to score twice to beat the bombers last time we played.

Again if putting up 30+ points in a game is "flat" I will take it game in and game out for the rest of the season.

1 int…none in 5 weeks. His last INT was against the Argos.

Sure his interceptions are down, he isn't throwing the ball as much. In fact he is taking sacks instead of throwing the ball away. Every year he is playing hurt and his holding on to the ball will only make that worse. I like DD, but it is easy to see that he is not as productive. He admits that himself in his interviews. He has even stated that he is glad the Defense is stepping it up while the Offense is struggling. If the defence starts to crack you will see huge pressure on DD to produce. Dressler will certainly help things out. There is too much talent there that this won't turn around eventually. Last two gMes TSN panel has stated this this will be the game where our offence takes off again. Eventually that statement will come true. To me that is 300 yds of passing.

Every player goes thru a slump at some point. DD is not connecting on his passes (lots of over throws) his percentage complete is down. Heck in the 3rd quarter of the LDC he was 2 of 6 for 15 yds? Lots of two and outs. Overall rating isn't bad as he hasn't thrown many interceptions, but overall he is flat. Just because your team is winning doesn't mean every single player is playing the best ball of their careers. Football is a team game, you win or lose as a team. ST are also flat, nothing like last year or two years ago (they were terrific two years ago). Lots of injuries, sure, but lots of coverage mistakes.

Most of our points came from running the ball or did I miss something? In fact Allen scored twice and Ford once. Give credit where it is due, 165 yes of running in a "passing league". Take our run attack away (something that rarely seems to get the credit it deserves) and just rely on our passing attack, we'd have lost more then two games. Heck our D has contributed a lot of points for us (think back to first Winnipeg game).

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This says it is the pendulum. Maybe the Riders are simply ahead of the curve. It is like poker...when you are on an aggressive table, you sit back and pick your moments, when it is a passive table you bet hard. The Riders seem committed to keeping games close and wearing out the opposition's DL. They have faith in their D, and will wait out for another club to error. Did they rack up passing, they also didn't throw an interception in the endzone or come remotely close to having one picked off and only took 1 sack. They are playing to win the battle of mistakes...the only question is if they can open up if they need to. Taj had a 59 yard TD that says yes.

Why would you pass if you can grind it down their throats?

Its kind of funny but I watched the replay of the game tonight and when Allen scored to me it didn't look like Durant was exactly thrilled. I think he was hoping that Allen would have gone down on the one so they would have to run another play and possibly kill the clock. Of course I don't know that for sure but they did show Durant after the score and he was talking to Allen and it didn't look like he was mad but he wasn't jumping for joy either. Yes its never a bad thing to take the points when you can as anything can happen, a fumble etc and its game over. I think though Durant had all the confidence that they could score on the next play and kill the clock at the same time.
Yes the passing game is not what it was last year at this time but each week it shows signs of getting better. With Durant hurting his hand it also had an effect on how much passing was tried in the last game. As I mentioned though they did put up over 30 points and does it matter if they do it by air or by ground really?

What did surprise me a bit is that the announcers were talking about the Riders and them running the ball but in that game they almost had a 50/50 split of passing plays to running plays at that time of the game. Yes at the end trying to get into scoring position and kill the clock at the same time the selection did lean towards the run but hell when its working honestly why would you not go with it?

i just rewatched and thought the same thing on the Allen play lol