Sunseri or Doege?

So Rider Nation got a chance to see the back-ups to DD versus a good defense in Edmonton. Who is the more impressive QB in your opinion?

For me, I think Sunseri is the better of the two. He is a little more poised in the pocket and checks down the receivers better. I think Doege is the better of two at mobility, but I think Tino can be coached to move the pocket and run if needed.

I do think that in order for either to succeed, the offensive game plan has to change to get the ball out quicker. Both these guys took sacks from holding the ball for 5 elephants +

I also think the Riders maybe use the Calgary game at home to gauge both QB's again. Give them each a half.. And then pick one and stick with him.

Hopefully this week, they get in more practice time rather than the one day practice last week, and then the walk through...

If neither make a better showing then in Edmonton then I'm calling an audible and say punt. Seriously though Doege looked just plain bad. Tino was ever so slightly more composed but again he got into not making a read and throwing but instead he holds it and then he hesitates before throwing. That is killing any space the receiver worked hard to get and often leads to either a sack or a holding penalty. Make the read and just throw the friggen ball. I would like to see them not run any deep routes at least until they can get some momentum in the passing game. Get the receivers to take 3 or 4 strides and make a break and then try to hit one of them. Do that to back off the heat and get some confidence in Tino. It doesn't matter if you get 4-6 yards running or passing on first down just as long as it make the second down in a more manageable situation. Second and long is the kiss of death for Tino.

Doege was better in my opinion, but why not give the new kid price a crack also! After fri it sure can't be any worse!!

Price has seen 0 time… Not even training camp. I think if you put him in, it would be like throwing a lamb into a lion pen.

Until he sees a lot of first team reps, and starts running the short yardage plays, you can’t just throw him in. I’m not even sure if he would know the whole playbook yet. Has he been here 3 weeks yet? And one of those was short turnaround time between OTT and EDM

I think if the organization likes what they see in Price in practice, he will get a serious shot in training camp and exhibition in 2015

Like I said, if the other 2 can’t get it going, give the kid a shot, we’d be losing by then anyways!! What more can we lose!! really!

It really is a split IMO.

  • Sunseri has cleaner passes and better reads but needs to either become more mobile or release the ball faster
  • Doege showed good mobility and got rid of the ball fast, but he seems to want to throw into way too tight of coverage. Confidence is great, but that is overconfidence. and will result in some pick sixes

Really, I would be going with Price in to start the next game, and be willing to pull him end put another back in early.

DD was essentially #4 when he got his big break...give Price a shot

Agree with depop here. They may also want to go to a 2 QB system.

Well as bad as Tino looked in the Edmonton game he did show some promise in the Ottawa game. That however is the issue, you can't be fairly good in one and then crap the bed in the next. Yes granted it was Ottawa that he had some success against and it wasn't until the second half. So what changed in the locker room? Did DD pull on a disguise and go in as Tino? Obviously not but Tino was not the same guy in the first half as he was in the second and that is what they have to work on which will only come with more time and practice.

Realistically to put Price in against Calgary unless its a blow out I think would not be so good. Heck we really don't know if this kid has a clue yet about our system or even the CFL game. Yes football is football and the job is pretty much the same in both leagues but the differences in rules, size of field,heck even the time clock all are different.

I guess the coaching staff have to make a decision on if they feel this year is a wash and we are just playing it out or if we are still trying to make it into the playoffs. That would be a big factor on how much rotating of qbs they would do. If they are still hopeful that Durant would be back in time for the playoffs and most importantly healthy, then you have to use one guy and stick with him and let him get the kinks out. No one I think is going to get better if they keep the revolving door like we saw with the running backs at the first of the season.

Price was at the full preseason camp with the Seahawks -
Not sure if he saw game time. I think his conditioning is good enough at this point that he would be fine playing a bit - really neither of the 2 that played this weekend showed enough to make them a clear choice for the next game. I would hope that which ever 2 of the 3 that shows the best during practise this week should get some field time next game.

Conditioning won’t be a concern, it is knowing the playbook and understanding the differences between the leagues…it is a different game, especially on O with motion and such. I look forward to the Wednesday practice…that will tell a lot.

Do you watch practices Depop? I would love to watch one but I live a couple hours out of Regina, and own a small business so I don’t have time for practice. (I sound like Allen Iverson! Lol)

I would be curious to see what they are doing as well. I assume Monday/Tuesday is film study?

Sunseri. Don't be ridiculous.

Not sure why he didn't get back in the game. He wasn't doing anything bad. I actually like the idea of taking him out for a series or two for a different perspective, but when Doege tried to throw his first pass through TWO defenders and went on to be lucky to not toss 3 or 4 picks, how do you NOT put Tino back in? Doege was quite shaky. His best pass to Dressler just before the late pick, Getzlaf was wide open in the other side of the field. Instead Dress needs to make a circus catch in tight coverage to save the drive.

Sunseri starts. It's not even a question. He's playing all right. Now if the games get out of reach, absolutely give Doege/Price some action, but other than that Tino is easily the best chance to win.

Well I stated before that I think Tino is the better of the two, for simple fact he at least checks down all his options… The issue with him is that if he doesn’t see anything after the second or third read, he has to realize he has to run instead of getting sacked.

Doege seems to just lock in on a receiver, telegraph the pass, and throw… Which as you mentioned, could be good for 3 or 4 picks a game.

I think Tino can be coached mobility. Game plan needs to move the pocket on some plays as well to get the opposition front 4 running side to side instead of just straight bull rush all game…

I was actually fairly surprised Doege eat out Weber tbh...not saying that weber looked great either.
All that said, IMO I would be probably realistically be starting Tino, but Doege would be #3.