Sunseri has been re-signed

Lets give him another year,, did show some flashes,, maybe was in the wrong type of offense for him

Don't think it was "the wrong type of offence" for him. The guy is just plain slow on his reads, feet and getting up off his back.

Meh wasn't sold on him last year but we shall see.

Sunseri played well coming of the bench.
he showed decent when he came back with 3 consecutive TD's and 3-2 point conversions to tie Calgary last year, then when given the opportunity to start it looked as if it was the wrong game plan for him ?
what is Chapdelaine's record for developing QB's as it doesn't mater who we develop,
we need to develop and give our # 1 backup some game experience and not keep Durant in come heck or high water.
we know first hand what will happen with a backup with no experience.

It was just too early last season to hand over the #2 job to him without any competition or options. he was just in his 2nd pro season anywhere. They brought in 2 other 2nd year pro's with no CFL experience. They rolled the dice and lost big time. Still with the core of the GC winning team from '13. Not to mention that before Durant went out for the season they were right in the Hunt and likely better than EDM but a bit below Calgary.
Still got into the playoffs but were almost a sure bet not to advance having to bring Joseph out of retirement.
If they want to avoid the same potential crash should Durant miss a series of games they should be looking to grab the insurance of Glenn.
If Sunseri goes out and beets out Glenn fine, if not he still is one of their 3 QBs. Should Durant have to miss some games Glenn gives them a chance to win and not lose 8 out of 9 without Durant.
For any team that is still built for a run at the GC they will need a sufficient back up. Calgary is covered.
Hamilton as well may go after Glenn. EDM could do the same unless they think that there current back up can be sufficient to win some games if needed.
Everyone has Toronto on the outs but still with Ray and Trevor Harris is now the top young back up entering his 4th CFL season and a few other pro seasons before coming to the CFL.

I agree if they can get Glenn for a good price I say nab him.

Was the wrong type of offense for ANYBODY.

I must admit that the guy is a WEIRD cat. The look in his eyes when he talks is just weird. He has the same spacey look in the shotgun calling signals.

BUT. He's completely poised, makes reads and delivers accurate strikes. I think only Bo Levi and 1 other starting QB last year had fewer picks to attempts. Granted, the guy is a brick in the pocket but other than that I like his game. He is the complete opposite of jittery young QBs that will do anything to force the ball out of their hand under pressure and this is beyond refreshing.

Tino was brilliant against BC, Ottawa, Calgary. Played well in the banjo bowl. Did not deserve to get yanked in Edmonton nor Montreal at all. Played fine under a sh*t gameplan. Had ONE bad game, in Hamilton. Cortez just did not like him, to the point where Cortez would rather punt and lose the game than let the kid throw the damn ball. Insane.

Having said that, he's a weird mfkr. I have no idea what issues there are that depop keeps hinting at, but I would not be surprised if he really has them cause ... he's a weird mfkr.

But, I like his game and I am very much interested to see what he can do without Cortez' stupid handcuffs.