Sunderland to be named ESK's GM

According to sources of TSN's Farhan Lalji, Brock Sunderland will named general manager of the Edmonton Eskimos.

Sunderland has served as the assitant general manager of the Ottawa Redblacks for the past four seasons.

He will replace Ed Hervey, who was fired as the club's vice-president of football operations and general manager on earlier this month just over a year after leading Edmonton to a Grey Cup title.

Sunderland spent five years as a pro scout with the NFL's New York Jets before joining the Redblacks.

He interviewed to for the Alouettes' general manager role in December.

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Maas probably is breathing easier now hey?
Seems highly regarded. Many thought he should have gotten the Montreal Job. But this is the plum job.

Great choice. I was hoping Montreal would give him the job...

…Yeah…I think the Als. passed up on a good one…Kavis is alright but Sunderland would have been the better hire…Esks. will be happy

Well president Len Rhodes better hope so.
One thing for sure he and Sunderland will get the support of the press there for a good period of time.

Montreal should have given him the job!

Obviously we will never know who should have got the Montreal job.
But I think Montreal wanted a clear break from the Popp reign. Sunderland was pretty open about his very close friendship with Popp and common sense might suggest that weighed against him. You generally don't fire a guy then hire one of his best friends in any industry.
I suspect Sunderland is pretty pleased with how things have unfolded.

Andrew Wetenhall wanted to use his special formula to determine the next GM for the Als. Wetenhall pretty much said if there had been only the single criteria of football, Brock Sunderland would have been hired.

While I was critical of the Esks for the timing of Hervey's dismissal (so close to the start of camp), they've expedited a search for their next GM and, assuming thorough due diligence, a 2 week turnaround is commendable for minimal disruption within their organization. :thup:

Awesome choice

I wonder if there was compensation agreed to on this one? there is that policy of term in place in advance now and while it has been largely laughable I can entirely see something like that happening this late in the would be understandable

Ahhh ! The secret sauce ! I see.

Want to bet all this was decided in Vegas at the League meetings ?
The Ketchup salesman probably said ok, you want Hervey gone, you guys don't put any roadblocks in hiring his replacement via a league hire.

100% that is one of the factors in why teams were willing to have good staffers interview this late...wanting to see someone's career advance being the other as well of course.

Nice Nice choice. Guess Eskies season is not over like the doom says have Whined!!!

Apparently when he wrote the formula he squared locker room meltdowns and multiplied it by the sum of trust plus and consequences divided by experience

meltdowns^2 x (trust + consequences)/experience
instead of (? meltdowns / (trust + consequences) x experience
or (? meltdowns x experience)/(trust + consequences) if you prefer to tidy the formula up a bit.

better know in some circles as the ReedWetenhall strangulation furmula

Who knew it was not just Kavis who sucks at math? WHAT SAY YOU? WHAT SAY YOU!

LMAO :thup:

I've been telling everybody Raiche is the one crunching the numbers cause we know Kavis can't count. :smiley:

I can't watch that video... Way too creepy and disturbing.

Compensation will be 50% of Sunderlands salary up to $100K paid to OTT

No draft pick

“Should all the parties agree that a non-player employee can engage in discussions with another club, and if he signs with that other club, the requesting club shall pay to the former club 50 percent of the non-player employee’s existing base salary for the year in question, to a maximum of $100,000. This clause shall only apply if the non-player employee is under contract for the following football season.?

OTT would have had to discuss additional draft pick compensation before allowing permission to interview.

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Good choice indeed. I was a bit disappointed to see the legend Ed Hervey go, but I think they got a good one :thup:

Hervey is a legend?

Yes :thup: