Sundays Receivers.

Any thoughts about Sundays starting 5, and how Bishop or Jyles will fare

Bagg. Wide
Bowman. Wide
Childs. slot
One week of practice , with three relative rook receivers and a newly converted slot in Childs, I think for the Riders to win, Bishop will have too use his wheels.....alot

I am wondering if we are going to see Marshall or Hernandez yet? Childs at slot is just well disgusting.

Yeesh. That looks like the first batch of training camp cuts.

I think Childs should have been gone long ago, but he did catch the only ball thrown his way last game and it was low.

Say what you will about Childs, but he has looked much better catching the ball than Bowman and Palmer in practice.

Childs made a terrific catch last week. It wasn't close to him and he went out and got it. He may very well have good hands, and if catches a ball this week in the open field he could rumble down the sidelines.

Craig Ellis made the transition from a so-so tailback to a really good slot, so who knows?

Here a look at Winnipeg's starters this week.
Though the Winnipeg Blue Bombers managed to retain most of the squad that made it to last year's Grey Cup, their passing attack hasn't quite been made up of the same personnel that led the East Division in 2007.

The Bombers' three receivers who hit the 1,000-yard mark a year ago -- Milt Stegall, Derick Armstrong and Terrence Edwards -- have only taken the field together once so far this season. If you factor in Kevin Glenn as well, the four haven't started a single game as a unit yet.

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Receiver Terrence Edwards will be ready to go Sunday against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Labour Day Classic. (Ken Gigliotti / Winnipeg Free Press )
It looks like that may change for the Labour Day Classic, as Edwards is ready to go for Sunday's matchup with the Saskatchewan Roughriders after missing the last two games with injured ribs.

"What's funny is I asked Milt yesterday: 'Have I played with you yet?' " Edwards said after Wednesday's practice. "It was just the one half in Toronto. It's frustrating when all of your weapons aren't there, and I think it would be easier on all of us if our guns were loaded. Milt is the greatest to play this game, Derick I consider one of the best in this league, and I consider myself a top receiver as well."

Although Armstrong missed practice with a calf injury for the second straight day Wednesday, head coach Doug Berry said he thinks he'll be ready to play come Sunday.

Regardless of whether Armstrong is ready to go, Glenn said it will be a big bonus having Edwards back in the lineup for the first half of the home-and-home with the Riders.

"Me and Terrence are familiar with each other, and we're gonna try to get back to the form we had last year and go out and get this win," he said. "It's tough to replace (those three receivers). When you're dealing with those kind of guys, they've got experience on and off the field. You can replace talent, but you can't replace the knowledge that they have."

Berry said that although it's been tough to have players like Stegall and Edwards out of the lineup, some positives can be taken away from their absence.

"We'd like to be able play with everybody all the time, sometimes you can't, but there are benefits from it," he said. "We certainly are building some depth as we go. Coming down the stretch here, we've got some experience now."

Romby Bryant is a shining example of the depth the Bombers have added at receiver, as his 649 yards on 30 catches ranks second-best in the league.

Edwards said that with the talent they have in their receiving corps beyond himself, Stegall and Armstrong, the Bombers' air attack will be dangerous no matter who is in the lineup.

"You put all three of us along with Romby, Arjei (Franklin), I think it would be hard for any defence to scheme against us," he said. "If you take away any one of us, there are four more that are capable of making plays. It's frustrating, but whoever is in is going to make plays to try and help the team win."

The three will have plenty of work to do if they want to match the numbers they posted last season, but Edwards said that's hardly what they're focused on at this point.

Maybe the Rider receivers should have gotten football sized rocks to catch- because thats what a Bishop pass will feel like.

Bagg - Bowman - Dressler - Childs - Grant - Palmer


Stegall - Armstrong - Edwards - Frankin - Stoddard - Bryant

Bishop and Cates better both get 100 yds or we're pretty screwed.

oh i know. but with the new guy Garran Walker in the lineup? we shall see.

Dressler is fine, Bagg needs the ball.

And we only have 29 less yards through 3 quarters. Way to go D.