Sunday's A Coming

Well gents, I cant wait for tomorow, the best sport and league in the world has hit the first round of the playoffs. Of course the game thats guna be the most exciting, hostile, exhilerating, frustrating, fanatic, impressive, fun, and emotionally FUCKED game is the Eskimos and Stampeders, yes the good ol Battle of Alberta, I can say congrats to the Eskimos showing a spark the last 3 games of the season, and it looks like they are on a roll as of late, although the Stampeders have picked apart the Eskimos all season long, so whos guna win? The Eskimos Roll? or the Stampeders Swagger?

Any predictions for the big game tomorow?

Well, hopefully Jakoc7 won't whine too much about the lack of respect I'm about to show his team, but I'm taking the Eskimos by at least a TD. :smiley:

chief you could at Least spell my name right :wink: and im going to completely disagree. lol im thinking a blowout like last time the eskies rolled into mcmahon :stuck_out_tongue: jk despite the friendly rivalry that we've developed here chief im sincerely hoping for a nice close game...and i agree with your score...only its stamps over esks lol

BTW am i gonna be seeing many of you esks fans at the game tomorrow. i will admit the last game there were only two in my section and they were being grilled hard by a couple of the less than stellar stamps fans there, hopefully they have tough skin and understand its the battle of the famous words of chief himself...."what are we supposed to do, sit here and blow kisses at each other?" LOL gonna be a good one :smiley:

:lol: My bad. But I agree with you. The rivalry this week has been fun, and like you, I'm hoping for a good game. I don't want it to be a blowout for either side.

Enjoy the game. Sadly, I live in Ontario, so I won't be able to attend.

Don't worry Chief I will be stuck in Windsor too.

Ah. A fellow Eastern Eskimos fan, eh? That's cool. Windsor is actually where I'm from.

so any reason why you guys picked edmonton while living out east there?

Couldn't tell you. I just have some weird bias toward Edmonton. I also cheer for the Oilers. :lol:

lol well thats better than the leafs LOL

Don't forget your library pass,..... eeerrr game ticket, there Jake, hate for this forum not to have your insight on what happened in the game, and then reverse it for the actual take on things.