who do like in the superbowl ?

The Cheerleaders!

:D :cowboy:

denver and seattle

N.Y. Jets and Seattle :stuck_out_tongue:

I could live with that, especially since seattle would win :rockin:

The guy who finaly says "Good night. See you next year" so we can finally get the God Damed thing over and done with.

wouldnt mind seeing julianna hough performing there.

Since there is nothing to watch on TV, I am trolling for a big yawn right about now.
Other than being on this site, maybe a nice book to read.

there is always the rocky movies.

Blackout, but this game is as good as over anyways I would say.

Well I was wrong, not as good as over, SF made a valiant comeback, just a tad short but made an excellent game out of it. Congrats to the Ravens.

Decent game Earl - I was little surprised though , when the cameras scanned the crowds , I did not see any kids , I know this is a championship game but the NFL is always commenting how they are promoting the younger generation to their game.
Just an observation.

I've heard around 80 percent of the tickets are corporate so that probably explains why few kids in the crowd and the few tickets remaining with the prices high are more for the adult crowd I guess. Probably one reason an NFL exec was saying stadiums of the future could very well feature less seats, around 40,000 with more cheaper admission for younger people, standing areas, as younger people don't mind standing anyways in bars and that and may actually prefer it, watching large screen tv's, a bar-like atmosphere or terraces. I've posted this elsewhere but here it is again:

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