Sunday TV Blackout

Just wondering if anyone knows if the game on sunday will have the blackout lifted. I called the ticket office and there are only about 2000 tickets left and if I am not mistaken, they have to lift it on at least 3 games per year. I have been to all the other games, but I think Labour day was the only one lifed so far. I can't make it to this one as I live in Toon Town and work Sat and Sun, but I really want to see the game and if anyone has inside info that would be great. Thanks

Go Riders!!

i heard its been lifted :wink:

That would be awesome. I hope you're right BGM.

i hope its lifted but you probably wont know until the game actually starts.

TSN already said it was lifted :rockin:

I just heard on the radio that the game will be lifted from blackout - enjoy

TSN said the blackout was lifted but I cant get it on any station on my bell expressvu. What gives!!
They usually put it on 402 versus 400 which is the normanl broadcast station. All 402 has on it is VU ads running in a loop. When I first went to 402 it looked like they would be braodcasting now all I am getting is stupid VU ads. Does anyone know what station it is on?

I am looking to dropkick my bell receiver across the room

Starchoice TSN Alt. Channel 401

I have bell expressvu. Today that is. I might be cancelling it tommorrow and going to starchoice since at least they seem to be able to flip a switch, something that the bell expressvu dofusses can't seem to grasp the concept of. I wonder how many subcribers bell expressvu might lose over fiasco's like this. Up untill about a month ago they didn't didn't even list Sask as a place they had subscibers in.

They lifted the balckout on Bell Expressvu with about 2 minutes left in the game. Thank goodness they were the most exciting two minutes of the game.
The guy that was supposed to throw the switch at the start of the game should be back to sweeping floors on Monday if there is any justice in this world.

If I ran my company that badly I would have been out of business a long time ago. What ever happened to customer service? Obviously Bell ExpressVu doesn't have any. I had spent a half an hour on hold at the start of the game trying to talk to a live body. No luck obviously!

Almost guaranteed that they didn't lift the blackout at the end on purpose. Probably just had it set to be blacked out the 3hrs and the game ran over a few minutes. What a bunch of idiots over at Bell. You just knew they would mess it up before it even was supposed to start.