Sunday Tiger-Cat Show on right now..(CHML)


12:05 pm till 1:00 pm

900 on the AM Dial

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i dont suppose there's an archived version is there?

There will probably be a podcast of the show available soon. The June 3rd show is available now, but the June 10th show and the 5th quarter after the first pre-season game are not available yet. So if you missed the show, you'll hopefully be able to download it soon.

Anyway, this week, there were interviews with Charile Taaffe, Ed O'Neil, Timmy Chang, and Mark Bowden.

where abouts?

Follow the link and then the instructions.

iTunes works well with these subscriptions. It is recommended.

Oski Wee Wee,

I heard part of The Sunday Tiger-Cat Show on 900 CHML today and will try to summarize it.

Ted Michaels asked Coach Taaffe why Shaun King and DeVon Fowlkes were released. He basically said that King is an excellent quarterback but his performance over the past two weeks did not meet Taaffe's expectations. As for Fowlkes, Taaffe said that he has not consistently done what needs to be done in Taaffe's system. Taaffe noted that a player who won't consistently do what he needs to do will give the team the same result as a player who can't do what he needs to do.

Taaffe said that the team will spend each morning in the "classroom" learning the systems and will hold one a day practices in the afternoon.

Ted Michaels then interviewed Timmy Chang. He talked about the differences he is encountering in CFL football and the importance of mental preparation in football. Chang was asked about his solid performance in the first pre-season game. He credited his teammates for making his job easier and he was realistically enough to know that he played against a basic defence and will see more complicated defensive systems from here on in.

Ted Michaels also interviewed Mark Bowden, the Ticat director of corporate partnerships. He mentioned of number of things, including:

-the team is partnering with a number of new advertisers this year and their signs will be prominently displayed around the stadium and on the field

-OLG is sponsoring a new in-stadium game called "Pigskin Poker". If I understand it correctly, the first 15,000 fans over age 19 at each home game are given a cardsheet with a poker hand on it and "cards" will be displayed on the TigerVision during the game. Fans with a winning cardsheet can claim a prize from OLG

-Molson Canadian and Coors Light beer will be available at the stadium at a price of $7.75 for a 20 ounce cup

-Molson's is also producing a special Carling box of 18 beers with a Ticat theme at a price of $18.00 available at The Beer Store

-The Ticats are holding a StreetFest on Sunday, June 24, 2007 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The 2007 Ticat team will be announced during the event, the new Ticat store will have its grand opening, and there will be a barbecue for the fans