Sunday "Tiger-Cat Show" at 12 noon today.....

-Live- from training camp....

Sounds like a good line-up of guests today..

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I love being able to -listen live- on the computer.


I do hope that Ted gives us a weather report......I need to know if a snowmobile suit is recommended for later today cause it's awfully chilly and windy at my house...

no rain though so that's good!

cap ...i just caught the last 5 there a way to replay it?

Well, CHML might put up excerpts of interview segments later on. There were a few interesting things that were said.

One of the things that I found most interesting was what Jason Maas had to say about Labour Day rivalries. He knows what it's like to be going into games like those, and he actually looks forward to playing the blue team six times this year. He says games like those are the ones that get your adrenaline going, so he sees it as a positive. So he knows what it's like, and it was funny to hear him asked to describe the Edmonton-Calgary rivarly without swearing. :slight_smile:

It was also interesting to hear about the odds of each CFL team winning the Grey Cup, which were as follows:

3-1 Edmonton
7-2 Calgary
7-2 Toronto
4-1 Montreal
5-1 B.C.
13-2 Hamilton
8-1 Saskatchewan
15-1 Winnipeg